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Jones Memorial Hospital - A Tradition of Quality Commitment& Caring

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Jones Memorial and URMC Expand Neurology and Cardiology Services

ROCHESTER (December 18, 2013) -- Jones Memorial Hospital is expanding its collaboration with the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) through new neurology and cardiology services in Wellsville, NY.
URMC neurologists Richard Welles, M.D. and Su Kanchana, M.D., Ph.D., and internists Linda Welles, M.D. began seeing patients at the hospital beginning December 3.
Richard Welles is board certified in Psychiatry, Neurology, and Electrodiagnostic Medicine, and will offer on-site evaluation and treatment of neurological disorders. Kanchana is board certified in Psychiatry and Neurology, and specializes in treatment of adult movement disorders such as Parkinsons disease. Welles is board certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics and specializes in gait and balance and geriatric disorders.
"We are very pleased to be able to offer neurological care to patients in Wellsvilles and beyond,” said Eva Benedict, CEO of Jones Memorial Hospital. "This collaboration between Jones Memorial and URMC will enable patients to access the necessary specialized care right here in our own community."
Southern Tier Neuromedicine, a group of Neurology and Neurosurgery faculty in several locations across the region, is part of a rich URMC tradition of providing outstanding care to patients in partnership with community hospitals. URMC's Neuromedicine programs were recently ranked among the best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.
Jones Memorial Hospital and URMC will also expand cardiology services in Wellsville. Imran Chaudhary, M.B.B.S., Jeanne Streeter, F.N.P., and Spencer Rosero, M.D. currently provide a range of cardiovascular services, including echocardiograms and electrophysiology services. Chaudhary also performs cardiac procedures and provides consultation for patients at Jones Memorial Hospital.
In January, they will be joined by Geoffrey Williams, M.D., Ph.D. a behavioral psychologist who will provide smoking cessation along with cholesterol and blood pressure management.
The URMC Cardiology Clinic and Neurology Clinic are both located on the main campus of Jones Memorial Hospital on the 3rd floor. To schedule a Neurology appointment, please call (607) 301-4141. To schedule a Cardiology appointment, please call 585-596-0134.


WELLSVILLE, NY (November 18, 2013) -- Jones Memorial Hospital's Medical Imaging Department recently installed a new Siemens Somatom Definition AS CT. The new equipment has automated technology that allows the technologist to spend less time at the machine and more time with the patient.
The new CT was designed with patient comfort in mind and has a larger opening and table. "even more exciting is that because the quality of the scans is so high, the need for re-scans is decreased and patient exposure is reduced by up to 60-percent," explained Carrie Walker, Director of Medical Imaging at Jones Memorial. "Some patients are more difficult to scan, including those who are obese, or short of breath, or have elevated heart rates. With the new CT, they will be more comfortable and can be examined quickly with no loss of image quality."
Medical Imaging Services at Jones Memorial also includes Nuclear Medicine, MRI, Ultrasound, Echocardiography, Fluoroscopy and Diagnostic Radiography. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call Medical Imaging at (585) 596-4013. % Better, faster images with less exposure to radiation and a larger opening for patient comfort" Radiologic Technologist Jennifer Frungillo, above, cites these as the major benefits of the new CT at Jones Memorial.


WELLSVILLE, NY (November 13, 2013) – The first ever Girls on the Run team from Wellsville was a big success! Girls on the Run is open to girls in grades 3 through 5, the local group was sponsored by the Wellness Committee at Jones Memorial Hospital, the eight girls and four coaches who made up the inaugural group have been meeting at the hospital since September.
According to Brandie Dickerson, a GOTR coach and member of the JMH Wellness Committee, the Wellsville group is part of the Buffalo Affiliate of the non-profit international organization. "The idea is to instill self-esteem by teaching the girls life skills and mentoring relationships while physically training for the 5K Walk/Run that takes place at Delaware Park in Buffalo." This year, nearly 800 girls from throughout the Buffalo region participated in the 5K.
Each girl was paired with a volunteer running buddy during the run. The pre-run activities included a Happy Hair Tent and a pre-race stretching session. After the race, there was a celebration of music and breakfast.
"The whole experience with the GOTR was heartwarming," said Mrs. Dickerson. "The 5K was so exciting - as coaches we have watched these girls grow and mature as they prepared for the run and then watching them participate with so many other girls! They ran hard and finished strong and never stopped smiling." Jones Memorial is planning to sponsor a second session next spring. For information, contact Brandie Dickerson at 585.5964011.
Gathering before the start of the run, were the girls, their coaches and their buddy runners. Back, from left: Coach Kerry Clark, Buddy Runners Gabrielle Tripodi, Liz Shea and Stephany Crawford; Coach Brenda Szabo, Buddy Runner Tammy McCormick, Coaches Kristi Williams and Brandie Dickerson; Buddy Runners Steve Dickerson and Holly LaBenne. Front, left, Isabelle Hart, Megan Bailey, Sara McCormick, Maura Talbett, Leah McCormick, Cheyene Dickerson, and Ellie Labenne. Mission from photo are Buddy Runners Todd Ward and Crystal Vossler and Team Member Laniey Vossler.


Candidates Raise Over $10,000 WELLSVILLE, NY (November 15, 2013) -- The Jones Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Queen candidates are a long-time tradition in Wellsville. Each of the Auxiliary's Twigs and several community organizations sponsor a young lady, who sells tickets to the Grand Raffle. One of the highlights of the Auxiliary's Annual Gala & Silent Auction is when the tickets are counted and the young lady who sells the most tickets is crowned as Auxiliary Queen. This year, the hardest working candidate was Megan Goodridge of Wellsville.
All together the 2013 queen candidates raised over $10,000. Megan lead the group by selling $2,126 worth of tickets. The runners up to Megan, were Sarah Murphy and Morgan Grice, both of Wellsville. The remaining candidates for the 2013 crown were Sydney Keesler, Heather Anderson, Tori Noller, Morgan McNeill and Jordan Pearson.
The main task of the Auxiliary is to raise money for the hospital. The Gala is one of the major events on the Auxiliary calendar. "Every year, the Queen Candidates raise a very impressive amount for the Auxiliary and the hospital," said Eva Benedict, CEO at Jones. "We appreciate what they do to support this effort and we thank everyone who bought tickets and supported the Grand Raffle." The winning tickets belonged to Margaret Walsh, John Edgerly and Cliff Miller, MD.
Photo Caption: One of the highlights of the annual JMH Auxiliary Gala & Silent Auction is the crowning of the Auxiliary Queen Candidates. Megan Goodrich of Wellsville sold the most tickets to the Grand Raffle and was crowned as Auxiliary Queen. This year’s candidates were front left, Morgan Grice, Megan Goodridge, and Sarah Murphy. Back, from left, are Heather Anderson, Sydney Kessler, Morgan McNeill, Jordan Pearson and Tori Noller.


Wellsville, NY (October 30, 2013) -- Jones Memorial Hospital has been named one of the Top Performer on Key Quality Measures® by The Joint Commission, the leading accreditor of health care organizations in America. JMH is one of 1,099 hospitals in the U.S. to earn this distinction.
Jones Memorial was recognized for exemplary performance using clinical processes that improve care for pneumonia and surgical patients. Each accountability measure represents an evidence-based practice, Giving Antibiotics One Hour Before Surgery, for example, that has been shown to improve patient outcomes. The Joint Commission awarded this recognition based on the data reported during the 2012 calendar year. The list of Top Performer organizations represents 33-percent of all Joint Commission-accredited hospitals who reported performance data for 2012.
According to JMH Director of Quality Management Cherrie Macafee, in order to earn this distinction, Jones Memorial had to achieve a cumulative performance of 95 percent or above across all reported accountability measures. "We also reached that score on every accountability measure that had at least 30 cases," she said, noting that at least one core measure set also had to have a composite rate of 95 percent or above and all applicable individual accountability within that measure had to have a performance rate of 95 percent or above.
Meeting these measures has been a team effort, according to CEO Eva Benedict. "We understand that what matters most to patients and their families is safe, effective care,” said she said. "That's why Jones Memorial has made the commitment - as a team - to accreditation and to positive patient outcomes through evidence-based care processes."
 Speaking on behalf of the hospital board of directors, President Rich Shear added. "This recognition shows that we are committed to providing quality care and better health outcomes for patients," he said. "It was a team effort to achieve this and we are very proud of our team at Jones Memorial."
"As a Top Performer hospital, Jones Memorial has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to quality improvement and they should be proud of their achievement," said Mark R. Chassin, M.D., FACP, M.P.P., M.P.H., president and chief executive officer, The Joint Commission. The Joint Commission will recognize Jones Memorial in its "Improving America's Hospitals" annual report and TJC's Quality Check website ( The Top Performer program will be featured in the December issues of The Joint Commission Perspectives and The Source.
Celebrating The Joint Commission Top Performer on Key Quality Measures Award are some of the team responsible for implementing the changes. Seated, from left, Pharmacist Kerry Clark, Infection Control Nurse Mary Morse, 2nd Floor Charge Nurse Sara Johnson, Quality Management Director Cherrie Feeman Macafee, Hospitalist Dr. Max Yarowsky, Occupational Therapist Lona Downey. Standing, from left, Dietician Kristi Williams, Physical Therapist Shanna Winters, Patient Financial Consultant Dan Frungillo, Discharge Planner Ellen Lowry and Physical Therapist Scott Szalay.


WELLLESVILLE, NY (October 23, 2013) -- US Senator Chuck Schumer held a press conference at JMH recently to talk about his efforts to extend the Medicare Aid Low Volume Hospital (LVH) program for another year. According to CEO Eva Benedict, unless the program is renewed, JMH could see a loss of $569,000 this fiscal year. Schumer is confident that the bill, which has bi-partisan support, will be extended another year. The program to help lower-volume and rural hospitals was put in place in 1988. The program focuses on hospitals sharing certain traits, including those with fewer than 100 inpatient beds and those with fewer than 1,600 Medicare discharges a year.This is the second time Sen. Schumer has visited JMH. He was here in 2008 to discuss juvenile diabetes and the legislation he was introducing at that time.


WELLSVILLE, NY (October 29, 2013) – Diabetes is a growing epidemic in the United States. The good news is, with healthy behaviors and regular physician consultations, it can be controlled. The better news is that diabetics can now consult with Dr. Steven Wittlin, Clinical Director of the Endocrine-Metabolism Division and Director of Diabetes Services at the University of Rochester Medical Center, without leaving Wellsville. Introducing: Telemedicine at JMH.
"It is recommended that diabetics meet with their physician at least four times a year," explained Brenda Torrey, RN CDE, of the Wellsville Lions Club Diabetics Center at Jones Memorial. "Using a two-way, interactive video, patients of Dr. Wittlin can meet with him for three of those visits without the 90-minute drive to his office." Patients are still expected to make one trip a year to see the doctor in Rochester. Dr. Wittlin will see patients who have hyperthyroidism, secondary hyperthyroidism, adrenal nodules and stable hypogonadism.
"We are thrilled that we now have the resources, the expertise and the commitment to provide comprehensive, state-of-the art and compassionate care in the patient's right in their own community," said Dr. Wittlin. The half-day telemedicine clinics are available once a month. The initial appointment with Dr. Wittlin must take place at his office in Rochester, with follow-up visits in Wellsville.
For more information and to find out if your insurance will cover a telemedicine consult, call Dr. Wittlin's office at 585-275-2901, your healthcare provider or the Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center at Jones Memorial at 585-596-4035.
Connie Taylor, right, was the first patient to take advantage of the ability to consult with her endocrinologist, Dr. Steven Wittlin, on screen, using the new telemedicine capabilities at Jones Memorial. Brenda Torrey, RN CDE, of the Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center at Jones Memorial Hospital, facilitated the appointment.


WELLSVILLE, NY (October 27, 2013) – In January 2013, Jones Memorial Hospital joined the ExperiaHealth Initiative to support the hospital's efforts in transforming the patient and staff experience. Using input from hospital staff and best practices from other rural hospitals participating in the initiative, JMH has successfully implemented a number of improvements and satisfaction scores are going up.
"When we looked at our staff satisfaction surveys, we were very concerned about the low scores in some areas," said Donna Bliven, Vice President of Patient Care Services at Jones. So, guided by 'experience coaches' from ExperiaHealth, JMH set out to restore the human connection and improve patient and staff satisfaction. A series of 'Town Hall Meetings' for staff and lead by physicians identified several areas where attention was needed the most. "Because no hospital administrators were at those meetings, those attending felt free to voice their concerns," she explained.
One area that was identified as needing improvement was communication between the nurses and other departments – including Medical Imaging and Environmental Services. "Working together, focus groups developed a plan to improve communication and make a better environment for our patients," Bliven said. In addition, patient rounding by staff and post-discharge phone calls were implemented. White boards, where everyone involved in the patient's care writes their names at the beginning of each shift, were installed so that the patient knows who is taking care of them. The recently implemented Always program is a reminder for staff that patient-and family-centered care is best when patients interact with healthcare professionals and the delivery system.
"What we want to achieve is the 'sacred moment' in healthcare," Bliven said. "That is the moment after admission when the nurse and the patient have a personal exchange that focuses on the patient and their fears." As a member of the ExperiaHealth Initiative, Jones Memorial participates in monthly peer-to-peer roundtable discussions and one-on-one sessions with participating hospitals in rural Kansas and Indiana. "The exchange of ideas has lead to impressive results," she added, "as evidenced by the improvement in our Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) scores."
Very pleased with the results and the continuing efforts to improve satisfaction are, left, Quality Management Director Cherrie Macafee, Hospitalist Dr. Max Yarowsky, and Vice President of Patient Care Services, Donna Bliven.

The Diabetes Self Management Program offered by the Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center at Jones Memorial Hospital has been re-certified by the American Diabetes Association. This is a four-year certification.
Offered at Jones Memorial Hospital four times a year, the Self Management Program is a series of four classes. The topics are tailored especially for diabetics and typically include nutritional management; physical activity; medications; monitoring, preventing detecting and treating acute complications; monitoring, preventing and detecting chronic complications through risk reduction, goal setting and problem solving, and the psychological adjustment of having a diabetes. If needed, the program also offers information on preconception care, management during pregnancy and gestational management.
"Our Diabetes Center staff has worked very hard to achieve the ADA Education Recognition," explained Donna Bliven, Vice President for Patient Care Services at Jones, noting that the recertification process is voluntary. "It assures our patients that the program has met the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs." The staff at the Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center includes Brenda Torrey, RN, Certified Diabetes Educator and Certified Pump Trainer and Registered Dietitian Kristi Williams.
Assuring high-quality education for patient self-care is one of the primary goals of the Education Recognition program. Through the support of the healthcare team and increased knowledge and awareness of diabetes, the patient can assume a major part of the responsibility for his or her own diabetes management. Unnecessary hospital admissions and some of the acute and chronic complications of diabetes can be prevented through self-management education.
The education program at JMH was first certified by the ADA in 2007. Find out more about what the Diabetes Center at Jones can offer by calling (585) 596-4035 or by emailing Brenda Torrey Staff members Brenda Torrey, RN CDE CPT, left, and Kristi Williams, RD, have achieved recertification of the Diabetes Education Classes offered by the Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center at Jones Memorial Hospital.

GIRLS ON THE RUN OFF TO A GREAT START! WELLSVILLE, NY (October 15, 2013) -- The first ever Girls on the Run Team sponsored by JMH is off to a great start! In fact, if you hear a lot of giggling coming from the front lawn on Tuesdays and Thursdays, is probably the team! Lead by Brandie Dickerson, Kristi Williams. Kerry Clark and Brenda Szabo, GOTR provides the girls with exercise and life lessons while preparing for the GOTR 5k in Buffalo on November 10th. This is the first group for JMH and the cost was underwritten by the JMH Employee Wellness Committee. Above, left, Brandie Dickerson, Lainey Vossler, Leah McCormick, Kristi Williams, Ellie Labenne, Cheyene Dickerson, Kerry Clark, Sara McCormick, Isabelle Hart, Megan Bailey and Maura Talbett. Missing is leader Brenda Szabo.

WELLSVILLE, NY (October 4, 2013) -- Ron Sutton, of the F.T. and Anna C. Manley Memorial Fund, recently presented Donna Bliven, VP of Patient Care Services, with a check for $6,200. A grant requested by Donna, the money will be used toward a Pediatric Glidescope, which will be used to assist when intubation is needed on pediatric patients in the Emergency Room.


WELLSVILLE, NY (September 30, 2013) -- When members of the Wellsville American Legion Post 702 received permission to lay a wreath at the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC, over 70 local veterans, spouses and guests attended, including JMH Nurse and Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom vet Dena Helms. Here she is taking in the sites with WWII Vet Lenny Lewis. In addition to Dena and Lenny, the vets attending to lay the wreath were Korean War vet Nate Scott and Vietnam Vet Skip Merrick. The wreath was donated to the Legion by Hannigan's Florist in Belmont. A nurse, Dena is on the staff of JMH Medical Practices.


WELLSVILLE, NY (September 16, 2013) -- Jones Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce that Brenda Mong Szabo, PT DPT, the facility's Vice President of Diagnostics and Rehab, has achieved Fellow status in the American College of Healthcare Executives.
Fellow status represents achievement of the highest standard of professional development. In fact only 7,500 healthcare executives hold this distinction. To obtain Fellow status, candidates must fulfill multiple requirements, including passing a comprehensive examination, meeting academic and experiential criteria, earning continuing education credits and demonstrating professional/community involvement. Fellows are also committed to ongoing professional development and undergo recertification every three years.
"Attaining fellowship status in the ACHE is a significant achievement," explained Eva Benedict, CEO at Jones. "This accomplishment demonstrates Brenda's commitment to her leadership role at JMH."
 "We are delighted that Brenda has successfully completed the requirements to achieve fellowship status," said JMH Board President Rich Shear. "Brenda continues to set the bar at a very high level with exemplary work ethic and a stellar record of community service."
The American College of Healthcare Executives is an international professional society of more than 30,000 healthcare executives who lead hospitals, healthcare systems and other healthcare organizations. Congratulations Brenda!


WELLSVILLE (August 13, 2013) -- It is estimated that 25.8 million Americans have diabetes. If diabetes in well-managed, many of these serious complications - including blindness, heard disease and amputations can be prevented.
To help diabetics learn to manage their condition, the Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center at Jones Memorial Hospital regularly offers a series of four group education sessions. The next session will begin on Tuesday September 10 and will be held on September 17, 24 and October 12 from 10 am to noon in the Walchli Room at Jones Memorial.
According to Diabetes Nurse Educator Brenda Torrey, RN CDE, the class discussions will cover a range of topics that are of special interest to diabetics. These include disease process, nutritional management, physical activity and diabetes, diabetic medications, blood sugar monitoring, personal health habits and foot care, preventing serious complications, goal setting and problem solving, psychological adjustment to diabetes, and cardiovascular and diabetes risk prevention.
The fee for this Medicaid-approved educational program is covered by most insurance plans, but a referral from your primary care provider is required. The classes are taught by an RN Certified Diabetes Educator or a Registered Dietician. To register, or for more information, contact the Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center at Jones Memorial Hospital at (585) 596-4035.
Certified by the American Diabetes Association, the Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center also offers on-site testing, such as A1C, lipids, urine micro albumin, and a retinal camera. For more information, contact your healthcare provider or call the Diabetes Center at 585 596 5035.


WELLSVILLE, NY (July 2, 2013) – The Jones Memorial Hospital Wellness Committee is sponsoring Girls on the Run, a 10-week character building program which teaches girls 8 to 13 very specific and well-defined social and personal skills. The program culminates in a non-competitive 5K run, giving the girls a chance to shine and a sense of accomplishment.
Organized by Brandie Dickerson, massage therapist in JMH Rehab Services, coaches will be attending a training session in Buffalo on July 31st. "Student sign-ups start in August for the 10-week session, runs through November 10th," she explained.
There is a $150 registration fee for each girl, but that will be paid by Jones Memorial Hospital at the time the girls sign up. "However, participants are expected to reimburse the hospital $50 at the first meeting on September 9," Brandie said, noting that space is limited to the first 15 girls registering.
The goal of the program is to teach girls life skills and instill confidence through dynamic, conversation-based lessons and establish a lifetime appreciation for health and fitness. "By reaching girls at an early age, we hope to prevent at-risk behavior such as eating disorders, substance abuse, depression, obesity, and adolescent pregnancies," Brandie explained. If you have any questions about the local chapter, please email Brandie. You can find out more about the national program on the Girls on the Run website


WELLSVILLE, NY (June 24, 2013) – Jones Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce Mary Kate Cole of Wellsville and Kathy Woughter of Almond have joined the JMH Board of Directors.
A life resident of Wellsville, Mary Kate Cole is co-owner and president of LaForge Disposal Service, a commercial and residential trash hauler and roll-off service headquartered in Wellsville. She and her husband, Jeremy, have three daughters; Liz, Molly and Sarah.
Mary Kate attended the State University of New York at Alfred and the State University of New York at Brockport, where she studied business and communication. She is a on the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce board and has served as president and vice president. Mary Kate is also on the chamber's economic development committee and the beautification committee. She serves on the First Citizens Community Bank board and is a member of the Wellsville Rotary Club and the Wellsville Garden Club. Her interests include her family, Immaculate Conception School, gardening and historic preservation. She is looking forward to serving on the hospital board and guiding the facility. "We are so very lucky to have such a wonderful facility in our community," she said of the hospital. "We all need to do everything we can to keep our hospital going strong despite constant State and Federal cuts. It is a huge asset for the citizens of Allegany County for the availability of countless medical services and as a major employer."

A native of Niagara Falls, Kathy Woughter is the vice president of student affairs at Alfred University. She is a graduate of SUNY Geneseo and Alfred University. She and her husband, Bob, live in Almond, but have resided in the Alfred-area for over 20 years. They have two sons, Zachary and Daniel. Her interests and hobbies include outdoor sports and fitness from running and backpacking to snowshoeing and kayaking.
In addition to numerous professional recognitions, accomplishments and awards, Kathy is very active in several community organizations. She is a member of the United Way Health Impact Council, the Alfred 21st Century Group Executive Advisory Board, and Alfred Alive Economic Development Committee. In addition, she is the Red Cross Blood Drive program coordinator for Alfred University and a past member of the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, having served as terms as president and vice president.
The invitation to join the JMH board of directors was one she was eager to accept. "My job at Alfred University is focused on educating students to live happy, healthy and productive lives and to make good choices, and our partnership with local healthcare providers is critical in that mission. I feel that serving on the board would be a way to give back for all Jones has done for Alfred University's students."
In addition to the new members, the Jones Memorial Hospital Board of Directors includes Chairman Rich Shear, Vice-Chairman Samantha Gilkey, Secretary Barry Kulp, Treasurer Dan Guiney, Dr. Robert L. Gilfert, Gary Balcom, Mike Berardi, Bill Coch, Kim Toot and Barry Kulp.


Congressman Tom Reed, stopped by Jones Memorial to introduce a bill he is co-sponsoring, H.R. 1787, the Rural Hospital Access Act of 2013. Co-sponsored by Sen. Schumer, this legislation ensures smaller, rural health care providers are able to continue to provide high quality care by reauthorizing the Medicare-dependent hospital program and extending the enhanced low-volume hospital program. These programs are facing expiration at the end of the year if Congress does not act.
"Congressman Reed has been instrumental in initiating legislation that protects the future of small, rural hospitals like Jones Memorial," said Julie Hart, VP of Marketing and Physician Practices at JMH. "We appreciate his efforts on behalf of all of the healthcare facilities in his district."
The press conference was followed by a tour of the hospital. Donna Bliven, VP of Patient Care Services, did the honors and showed the Congressman around the facility. Congressman Reed chats with Julie Hart, VP of Medical Practices/Marketing following a press conference to discuss the importance of the Rural Hospital Access Act.


WELLSVILLE, NY (May 30, 2013) – Brandie Dickerson, a licensed massage therapist, has joined the Jones Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Services Department. Brandie is available by appointment on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Massage therapy can provide relief from the symptoms of anxiety, tension, depression, insomnia, and stress, massage can help clients with back pain, headache, muscle pain, and some forms of chronic pain. Minor sports injuries and repetitive stress injuries may also be relieved by massage.
"By applying pressure and movement to the skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, massage encourages healing by promoting blood flow, stimulating nerves, and stretching and loosening muscles and connective tissue," explained Brandie. Although massage therapy is generally a private pay service, some insurance carriers do cover the sessions with prior authorization. Contact your insurance provider for specific information.
A native of Wellsville, Brandie is a graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca. She is certified in hydrotherapy. For more information or to make an appointment, call the Rehab Department at 585-596-4011 or check out the JMH web page


WELLSVILLE, NY (May 22, 2013) -- The Jones Memorial Hospital Auxiliary's 9th Annual Celebrate Summer Classic Golf Tournament is set for Friday, June 28, at the Wellsville Country Club. Golfers and sponsors are both needed to offset the cost of the tournament and make it a successful fundraiser for the Auxiliary!
The tournament is a 4-person scramble. "What is really nice about the scramble format is that it is fun for serious golfers as well as those who haven't picked up a club in years - or ever ," said Co-Chair Jason Reynolds. "We are still looking for golfers and for local businesses and individuals who would like to be sponsors."

  • The cost of the tournament and complimentary dinner is $340 per four-person team or $85 per person. The fee includes a cart, 18 holes of golf and complimentary dinner. Members of the Wellsville Country Club pay $70 per golfer and $280 per team. If you want to come just for the dinner and awards ceremony, the cost is $15.
  • Sponsorship opportunities range from the $2,500 Hole in One Tournament Sponsor, to the Eagle level for $1000 and the Birdie level for $500, as well as Par sponsors for $250 and Tee sponsors for $100 and a cart sponsorship for $50. If you would like a brochure or more information about how you can participate in this event, please contact Jason at 585-596-4060, Lisa Sweet at 585-596-4002 or Jodi at 585-593-1100, ext 5333. Or download the brochure and mail it in with your check to: Celebrate Summer Classic, Jones Memorial Hospital, 191 N. Main Street, Wellsville NY 14895


WELLSVILLE, NY (May 16, 2013) – Jones Memorial Hospital recently updated their bone density program with the purchase of a Bone Densitometer. This new machine offers more latitude in detecting low bone density and has the ability to image patient's pediatrics through geriatrics and measures bone density at multiple anatomical sites including the spine, hip, and forearm.
Osteoporosis is the gradual thinning and weakening of the bones. It is often referred to as the silent disease because there is rarely a sign of the disease until a lot of bone density has been lost. Visible symptoms may include loss of height and curvature of the upper back. Osteoporosis also can result in crippling and painful fractures, most often in the hip, back, or wrist.
Are you at risk for developing osteoporosis? According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, approximately 57 million Americans either have low bone density or osteoporosis. By 2020, half of all Americans over the age of 50 are expected to have these conditions. The most common risk factors are: female, over the age of 50, menopause, family history, low body weight/ being small and thin, and broken bones or height loss.
Osteoporosis can also affect men. Up to one in four will break a bone due to osteoporosis. The National Osteoporosis Foundation estimates that 2 million American men already have the disease and it's expected the 12 million more men are at risk. Risk factors exist for men also. They are: family history, long term use of steroid medications, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, in activity and low testosterone.
JMH has the equipment to help your fight against osteoporosis. Talk to your healthcare provider about your bone health and ask about having a bone density exam. To schedule your appointment, call the Medical Imaging Department at 585-596-4014. The Bone Densitometry hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
PHOTO CAPTION: JMH Medical Imaging Tech Heather Kelley screens a patient with the new Bone Densitometer, an important tool in the fight against osteoporosis.


WELLSVILLE, NY (April 24, 2013) -- Jones Memorial Hospital is pleased to announced that Dr. Pasquale Picco will be relocating his busy practice in Hornell to Wellsville to become part of the Jones Memorial Medical Practices. Dr. Picco will begin seeing patients at the Loder Street office on September 3, 2013.
"Dr. Picco is a wonderful addition to our medical staff," said Eva Benedict, CEO at Jones. "We have never had a pulmonologist on staff so his experience and expertise will allow us to expand and grow our inpatient and outpatient services. We couldn't be happier to welcome him to Wellsville."
Board certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Medicine, Dr. Picco has been in private practice in Hornell for 17 years. After graduating from University of Rochester, Dr. Picco completed medical school at Syracuse University. After completing his internal medicine residency and a pulmonary fellowship at Guthrie Healthcare, he joined St. James Mercy Hospital in Hornell.
"I am very excited by this opportunity," said Dr. Picco. "I practice in both an inpatient and outpatient setting and I look forward to working in the hospital and OR at Jones Memorial as well as seeing patients in my new office."
According to Julie Hart, Vice President of Physician Practices & Marketing at Jones, JMH plans on growing and expanding several service areas that will benefit from involving Dr. Picco an experienced and board certified pulmonologist. "We are looking at expanding our Sleep Disorder Center and our cardiopulmonary services," she said.


WELLSVILLE, NY (April 24, 2013) -- Jones Memorial Hospital has announced that Cardiopulmonary Services have been updated with several pieces of new equipment!
"The new equipment is easier to use, has greater technology and produces better results," explained Mona Carbone, RN, Director of the ER and Cardiopulmonary Services at JMH. The new EKG equipment provides graphic display of electric current generated by the heart. An EKG helps the provider identify conduction abnormalities that may indicate cardiopulmonary disease. The new Holter Monitor equipment also looks at the heart's activity and provides a graphic display, but over a longer period of time: normally 24 to 48 hours. JMH also works with the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) to provide 30-day event monitoring. While wearing this type of monitor, patients push a button when they are experiencing symptoms that they have discussed with their provider. A recording is made of the condition right when it is happening. A heart patient may progress through all three stages of testing, from EKG to Holter to 30-day. The Holter Monitor readings are done by Cardiologist Imran Chaudry, MD.
New equipment has also been purchased for stress testing, which is also part of the cardiac testing progression. This test consists of monitoring the heart’s rhythm, pulse rate and blood pressure while the patient performs increasingly demanding physical exercise on a treadmill.
Another major equipment addition to the Cardiopulmonary Department is the PFT, Pulmonary Function Test. This test is used to diagnose many types of pulmonary disease. The new equipment is suitable for adults and children. "The PFT measures the air coming in to check for restrictive lung disease and air going out, which tells is there is an obstruction," said Mrs. Carbone, adding that the results of a PFT can also be used to tell if a therapy is working.
All forms of cardiopulmonary testing requires an order from the healthcare provider. “Your provider will contact the JMH cardiopulmonary department to schedule testing at a time that is convenient for you,” said Mrs. Carbone.
Mona Carbone, RN, looks over the graphic display provided by the new Holter Monitoring equipment at JMH.


LITTLE GENESEE (April 11, 2013) -- A Korean War Veteran who helped to develop one of the military's first remote-controlled tanks over 60 years ago was given five service medals from Senator Catharine Young (R,C,I- Olean) at a ceremony today.
Sergeant Edwards received the National Defense Service Medal, the United Nations Korea Medal, the Republic of Korea-Korean War Service Medal, the New York State Medal For Merit and the New York State Conspicuous Service Star for his service overseas during the Korean War. The ceremony took place at the Faith Bible Church Learning Center in Little Genesee.
"Sergeant Edwards has been an inspiration to us all. He answered the call to service at a time when the entire globe was still recovering from World War II, and turmoil and uncertainty reigned. He rose through the ranks quickly, achieving the rank of Sergeant, and was an integral support piece to our nation's efforts to bring peace to Korea. I am thrilled to give these medals to such a deserving veteran," said Senator Young.
"This event today gives me a lot of personal satisfaction. Not only do I appreciate these medals and the recognition I received today, but I am happy that so many of my family members could be here to see it and I hope it is something that they will always remember. Thank you to Senator Young for these medals and this great honor," said Sergeant Edwards.
Sergeant Lyle P. Edwards enlisted in the Army with one of his friends on August 17, 1948, at the recruiting office in Olean. From there, he was off to Jamestown to be sworn in and then to Fort Bragg where he completed basic training.
He was stationed in Japan for occupation duty for one year, and then was deployed to Korea. He was assigned to the 27th Ordinance Maintenance Company of the 1st Cavalry Division, working as a Tank Mechanic, when he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.
When his tour ended after two years, one month and two days overseas and five campaigns, he was reassigned to the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, where he and his team worked to develop and improve military ordinance. With his extensive experience and knowledge of tanks from his time in Korea, Sergeant Edwards worked to produce one of the military's first ever remote-controlled tanks.
"Sergeant Edwards traveled all over the world to spread freedom and we are all so thankful that he came back to his roots and settled here in Allegany County. I'd like to thank him for his service in the military, as well as being such an important contributor to the local community," added Senator Young.
Sergeant Edwards was born in Belmont and spent most of his time growing up in Allegany County. After he was discharged from service on May 26, 1952, he returned to Allegany County and began working for Clark Brothers, which later became Dresser-Rand. Later, he started a 30-year career with Agway, serving as a store manager and then as a traveling representative.
He also found ways to continue his service, even after leaving the military. Sergeant Edwards was a school board member, rising to President of the Board for three years. He also was the Supervisor of Genesee. When he retired from Agway in 1990, he and his wife traveled to the Philippines for volunteer service, where he became the treasurer of a large mission.


WELLSVILLE, NY (April 9, 2013) -- Imagine a world where the hospital pharmacist - the go-to expert on all kinds of medications - visits you while you are an inpatient. The pharmacist collaborates with you and your healthcare provider and discusses your medications, making personalized recommendations about which medication therapies are safe, appropriate and cost-effective. What a relief that would be, right? Welcome to Jones Memorial Hospital!
On April 1, Jones Memorial began offering a new trend in patient care: the Clinical Pharmacy Program. In addition to reducing medication errors and providing one-on-one patient counseling, the program has been shown to improve clinical outcomes and med reconciliation, which leads to decreased re-admission rates. "By talking to the patients family, we can answer questions and promote proper use of their medications, reducing the likelihood that the patient will come back to the hospital because of a problem with their medications," explained Jody Bellows, RPh, Director of Pharmacy Services at JMH. The pharmacists at JMH will round on patients between 8 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday.
The Clinical Pharmacy process is patient-centered. The pharmacist begins by reviewing the patient’s history and profile to determine whether the prescribed medications are optimally meeting the patients needs and goals of care. "The pharmacist will be adding to the care notes and documenting interventions," said Kerry Clark, PharmD, a member of the pharmacy staff at JMH. "Consulting with the patients health care providers and checking lab values and renal function is part of the regular morning meeting." Because the pharmacists will be visiting the patients, there will be more opportunity to interact with the nurses and providers. "We will be able to check for anti-coagulation issues and allergic reactions and bring them to the attention of the nursing staff and the provider," added Mr. Bellows, noting that often an adverse reaction to a medication is listed as an allergy.
In addition to improving patient safety, the Clinical Pharmacy program will also help with recruitment and retention of health care providers and pharmacists. According to Kerry Clark, pharmacy schools now graduate only Doctors of Pharmacy, PharmD. "The days of a pharmacist just dispensing drugs are gone," she said. "A PharmD is trained to focus on the clinical aspects - rounding on patients, consulting with physicians - and it is what we want to do."
Medication Reconciliation is important for every patient. "Even if a patient takes the time to write out all of their medications, they may not remember to update it every time there is a change," explained Dr. Clark. "If they present the list upon admission and it includes a wrong dosage or a prescription they are no longer taking, they may get a new prescription for it when they leave the hospital." If the med list is questionable, the clinical pharmacists will call the primary care provider or the retail pharmacy to double check the prescription list before the patient leaves. When a patient is discharged, they will have a complete and up-to-date list of their current medications on a wallet sized card.
Photo Caption: The Pharmacists at Jones Memorial Hospital include, clockwise from front left, Bill Wilson, RPh; Kerry Clark, PharmD; Jody Bellows, RPh; and Kathy Felip, RPh.


WELLSVILLE, NY (March 20, 2013) -- Dr. Heather Lanphere recently earned her board certification from the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
"Dr. Lanphere's certification is a testament to her expertise and her commitment to her patients," said Julie Hart, VP of Marketing and Physician Practices. Obstetrician-gynecologists specialize in the general medical care of women, as well as care related to pregnancy and the reproductive tract. Dr. Lanphere is part of the Jones Memorial Medical Practices and sees patients at the Women and Childrens Health Services Office on Main Street.
Dr. Lanphere has a special interest in urogynecology. She sees females in all stages of life, from adolescence on and is accepting new patients. You may make an appointment with Dr. Lanphere by calling her office 585-596-4091.
A native of Wellsville and a graduate of Wellsville High School, Dr. Lanphere received her medical degree from the University Of Vermont College Of Medicine and completed her OB/GYN residency at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.


WELLSVILLE, NY (March 18, 2013) -- In her late 50s, Sue Ellen has high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure. She has long struggled with her weight and is "too busy" to exercise. After taking the risk assessment provided by the American Diabetes Association, Sue Ellen was shocked to discover she is a textbook candidate for developing Type 2 Diabetes. Like everyone else who is overweight, under active and over the age of 45, she is at risk for developing diabetes.
The idea behind Diabetes Alert Day, set for Tuesday March 26 this year, is to increase awareness of prediabetes and actively engage people in preventative behaviors such as weight loss, physical activity and healthy eating.
"Alert Day is a way to raise awareness and prompt action among the general public - particularly those at risk," explained Brenda Torrey, RN CDE, of the Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center at Jones Memorial Hospital. The hospital will have a table set up in the main lobby on Diabetes Alert Day with information and risk assessments. Type 2 diabetes is a growing epidemic in the United States, but it can be controlled with knowledge and healthy behavior Studies have shown that type 2 diabetes can often be prevented or delayed by losing just 7 percent of body weight (such as 15 pounds if you weigh 200) through regular physical activity (30 minutes a day, five days a week) and healthy eating. By understanding your risk, you can take the necessary steps to help prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes.
For more information or to find out your risk, contact the Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center at 585-596-4035 or stop by the hospital on Tuesday, March 26.


WELLSVILLE, NY (March 13, 2013) -- Ramonia McCann is the new Director of Surgical Services at Jones Memorial Hospital. Romania comes to JMH from West Virginia, where she worked at Roane General Hospital as Director of Operative Services and Nursing Compliance.
Ramonia, who has worked in hospital ORs since 2005, expects to complete her Masters in Nursing by next summer. She is taking courses from Wheeling Jesuit University in Wheeling, West Virginia.
Ramonia and her husband, Mark, have two daughters, aged 2 and 9. The family enjoys reading, movies, fishing, camping and all outdoor activities. “We like the rural life and enjoy the snow,” she said. "We are really looking forward to experiencing the Balloon Rally and the fishing derby."
Welcome to Jones Memorial, Ramonia!


WELLSVILLE, NY (February 6, 2013) -- High school sports like football and soccer can get very physical. When a player is injured and a concussion is suspected, the coach immediately pulls the athlete for the remainder of the game. In addition, the player may not return until he has been symptom-free for at least 24 hours after the injury and has been evaluated by a physician. Resuming play before full recovery from a concussion can have life-changing consequences so clearing an athlete is a challenge - especially when faced with an anxious student athlete who insists he feels great and just wants to get back in the game. Fortunately, Jones Memorial Hospital has a new service that can help physicians diagnose and manage concussions and determine when it is medically safe for the student to return to sports: The Biodex Concussion Management Program. JMH offers a free pre-season concussion screening and assessment to local schools and athletes. "Preseason baseline tests provide a comparison point for cognitive function and objectively measure the athletes balance," explained Christy Hart, Physical Therapist on the staff at JMH. "In the case of a suspected concussion, the physician can compare the results of the baseline tests with post-injury assessments, giving them objective data to track recovery and determine when it is safe to return to play." The program is being trialed at Wellsville High School and will be rolled out this fall at other schools that are interested in it. The Biodex Clinical Test for Sensory Integration of Balance involves four 20-second trails that assess the athlete’s balance. “For two of those trials, the student stands on a hard surface – one with eyes open and one with eyes closed - and then on a foam surface, again one with eyes open and one with eyes closed,” explained Mrs. Hart. “This establishes a pre-injury score and can be compared to the post-injury score, if an injury occurs.” PHOTO CAPTION: Christy Hart, PT, demonstrates the Biodex Concussion Management System to new member of the JMH Rehab staff, Scott Siddall, PT, DPT.


WELLSVILLE, NY (January 15, 2013) -- This year's flu outbreak is reaching record numbers of people. For the protection of patients, Jones Memorial Hospital is requiring all staff members, medical staff, volunteers and vendors providing services in any JMH facility to either have a flu shot or wear a mask at all times when in the hospital.
"Since September, we have been offering staff the flu vaccine," explained Brenda Robarts, Employee Health Nurse at JMH. "For the protection of our patients, all staff members who choose not to have a flu shot will be required to wear a mask at all times - except for when they are in the cafeteria."
In addition, Jones Memorial will be enforcing visiting hours, which are 11 am to 8 pm. "We also ask that if you have a cough, cold or flu-like symptoms, please don't visit," Mrs. Robarts said, noting that visitors are limited to two per patient and must be over 14.
The first step in preventing the spread of flu is immunization, but the second step is practicing universal precautions and respiratory etiquette. "Your hands may look clean, but they have germs on them that could make you or someone else sick," noted Mary Morse, the Infection Prevention and Control nurse at JMH. It is important to wash your hands often with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds. Carrying an alcohol-based hand rub (also called hand sanitize) is also a great idea for when soap and water are not available.
Because coughing and sneezing spreads flu germs to everyone around you, it is important to practice respiratory etiquette. “Never cough or sneeze into your bare hand,” Mrs. Morse said. "Use a tissue to avoid spreading germs to everything you touch and throw the tissue into the trash. If you don't have a tissue, cough or sneeze into the bend of your arm. It may feel strange at first, but soon it will come naturally.
Most importantly, stay home if you think you have the flu. “If you haven't gotten a flu shot, it isn't too late,” said Mrs. Robarts. "Talk to your healthcare provider."
Photo Caption: CEO Eva Benedict, who was one of the first to line up for her flu shot last fall, encourages all JMH Staff to join her in getting immunized.


WELLSVILLE, NY (January 14, 2013) -- When the Jones Memorial Hospital Wellness Committee formed, the idea was to promote health and wellness in the workplace among staff and volunteers. Recently, the committee's efforts - which have ranged from employee health fairs to healthier options on the cafeteria menu - were rewarded when JMH was presented with Gold Recognition by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA).
"What a wonderful validation of the work that the Wellness Committee has done," said CEO Eva Benedict. "Our employees are at the heart of everything we do here at JMH and their health is vital to our mission."
According to Brenda Szabo, VP of Diagnostics and Rehab and the Wellness Committee Facilitator, the gold designation is given to organizations that have successfully built comprehensive worksite wellness initiatives and are demonstrating and documenting outcomes. "The wellness efforts at Jones have included participation in Wegmans 8-Week Eat Well, Live Well program and Weight Watchers at Work," she said, noting that stress management sessions, chair massages, tobacco use intervention, workstation ergonomics, and the Create Your Weight program by Sodexho have also been sponsored by the Wellness Committee.
But perhaps one of the best examples of the difference the Wellness Committee has made to staff members is Julie Lehman, a four-year member of the Environmental Services Department.
The first Employee Health Fair was held shortly after Julie started working at the hospital. Because it was conveniently located in the hospital's Walchli Room, Julie decided to take advantage of the opportunity and had her blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels checked. The results showed that all three were high and Julie was at risk of a heart attack, stroke and diabetes. She was then given something she hadn't had in years: an appointment with a healthcare provider and a review to see if she was eligible for medical insurance.
Now, nearly four years later, Julie has lost 20 pounds and gotten her blood pressure under control. She exercises regularly and eats a healthier diet. She joined the Eat Well Live Well program which required walking and taking the stairs as well as eating more fruits and vegetables. Recently, she was referred to the Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center at JMH to help her manage her diabetes risk. “I feel so much better,” she said. "I've had high blood pressure for years and having someone to talk to about it and help me take care of it has been a great benefit." She encourages her co-workers to participate in the Wellness Committee's activities as well.
"Julie is such a success story," said Brenda Robarts, Employee Health Nurse at JMH. "She was identified as someone at risk during our first health fair and she has worked very hard to take care of herself and improve her numbers." Julie's success is exactly the result that the Wellness Committee was hoping for when it formed four years ago and the reason it continues to identify ways to help employees improve their health.
Most recently the Wellness Committee has developed a walking trail on the first floor of the hospital. This trail also includes seven Stretching Stations located along the route, which was designed so that an employee can complete a one-mile circuit during their 15-minute break. "The route incorporates cardiovascular stair climbing into the one-third mile walking loop," explained Ms. Szabo. Julie is excited to try out the walking trail and is planning on making the walk part of her lunchtime routine.
There are four levels of distinction in the Well Workplace Awards: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Each application is graded according to how these seven benchmarks are met: Capturing CEO Support, Creating Cohesive Wellness Teams, Collecting Data to Drive Health Efforts, Crafting an Operating Plan, Choosing Appropriate Interventions, Creating a Supportive Environment, and Consistently Evaluating Outcomes. JMH received 175.35 points out of a possible 180. "We are going for the platinum next year," said Ms. Szabo.
A multidisciplinary group, current members of the JMH Wellness Committee include Elaine Austin of the Laboratory; Cory Burge, Jason Reynolds, and Kristi Williams of Nutrition Services; Judy Burt, Community Relations; Mona Carbone, RN, Emergency Room; Cherrie Macafee, Quality Assurance; Mary Morse, Infection Control; Brenda Robarts, Employee Health; Brenda Sobeck, Human Resources; Brenda Szabo and Cathy Talbett, Rehab; and Carrie Walker, Medical Imaging.

Photo Caption: Julie Lehman, seated, regularly has her blood pressure checked by Employee Health Nurse Brenda Robarts. Encouraged by the JMH Wellness Committee, Julie has used a combination of better eating and more exercise to lower her blood pressure, blood sugar and her cholesterol. The Wellness Committee recently received national recognition for giving employees the tools they need to improve their health.


WELLSVILLE, NY (January 2, 2013) -- It doesn’t happen very often - in fact records show it's been six years - but this year, the new year’s baby at JMH was born on New Year’s Day! On January 1, Amber Slocum and Joe Barrett of Andover welcomed their son Raider Zen Barrett at 10:44 am. Raider weighed in at 6 pounds 8.3 ounces and was 19 inches long. Best wishes to the happy family!


WELLSVILLE, NY (December 10, 2012) -- Kirk Heriot, MD, PhD, chief of pathology at Jones Memorial Hospital, recently published his third book, Practical Surgical Pathology: Integrating Molecular Pathology into Your Morphologic Practice.
A textbook for practicing pathologists and residents, the book began as Dr. Heriot’s personal notes. “Whenever I attend a lecture or read a book or an article I take notes and keep them in one place for future reference,” he explained. “After ten years, my notes became pretty voluminous and not much more work was needed to put it in book form.” Copies of his book may be ordered from the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) web site, It will also be available through in January.
Dr. Heriot is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. “I graduated from a combined MD/PhD program which was created to train people for careers in academic medicine at universities,” he explained, adding that he decided not to get into the political world of academia. Dr. Heriot is also on the staff at Thompson Health in Canandaigua.
Dr. Heriot has written two previous books. The first, Who We Are: A Chronicle of the Ideas that Shaped Our World traces the development of civilization, chronicling the emergence of the world’s great religions, the most important scientific discoveries, and the flowering of the arts. His second book, Understanding Each Other After 9-11: What Everyone Should Know About the Religions of the World, is a look at the world’s array of faiths and how a lack of mutual understanding leads to conflict in the dialog between peoples and nations. Both are available at and


WELLSVILLE, NY (November 6, 2012) – This year’s Jones Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Queen Candidates raised over $12,000 by selling tickets to the grand raffle. The drawing and the crowning of the young lady who sold the most tickets is one of the highlights of the Auxiliary’s Gala & Silent Auction. This year, Liz Sobeck, the daughter of Dennis and Ann Sobeck of Wellsville, sold more tickets than any of the other queen candidates.
The Queen candidates is a long-time tradition. Each of the Auxiliary’s Twigs and several community organizations sponsor a candidate to sell tickets to the Grand Raffle. The young lady who sells the most tickets is crowned the Auxiliary’s Queen during the annual Gala.
The runners up to Liz, were second place winner Stephanie Moline of Andover and, coming in third, Rachel Ellison of Scio. The remaining candidates for the 2012 crown were Leah Farwell, Rachel Fahs, Hannah Graham, Daesha Plummer and Madilyn Williams.
“This was a wonderful group of young ladies,” said Kathryn Gilbert, who co-chairs the grand raffle with Sylvia Masin. “When you combine a generous and supportive community with a dedicated group like this, you have a very successful raffle fundraiser.” The Auxiliary has the express purpose of raising money for the hospital. The Gala is one of the major events on the Auxiliary calendar.
Don’t miss another opportunity to support the Auxiliary and the hospital! The Country Fair is set for Saturday, November 10 from 9 am to 6 pm at the Wellsville Elementary School!
Photo Caption: Liz Sobeck of Wellsville, center, was crowned during the JMH Auxiliary’s Gala & Silent Auction for selling the most tickets to the Grand Raffle. Andover resident Stephanie Moline, right, came in second and Rachel Ellison of Scio, took third place.


Several hundred people turned out at a special reception in Bolivar to welcome Dr. Elizabeth Osborn to the Bolivar practice established by her step-father Dr. Richard Cudahy over 30 years ago. Dr. Osborn will focus on family practice and see patients of all ages, from birth to senior citizens. She is welcoming new patients as well as taking care of those who have been patients of Dr. Cudahy.
Although he plans to step down from active practice in the next few months, Dr. Cudahy will serve as a mentor to Dr. Osborn and will continue as the school physician for Bolivar-Richburg School.
The Bolivar Office is now part of the JMH Medical Practices, which also includes offices in Wellsville, Belmont, and Andover. The office is located at 120 First Street and appointments can be made by calling 928-1600.
Jones CEO Eva Benedict presented Dr. Cudahy with a framed print of the hospital as a token of appreciation from the hospital for the care he has provided his patients.


WELLSVILLE, NY (October 16, 2012) – Thanks to a gift from the Gamma Pi Sorority, the staff training lab at Jones Memorial Hospital has a new Cardiac Simulator.
In the past, Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, which is made up of three separate sorority groups in Wellsville, has raised money for JMH by participating in the Auxiliary’s Country Fair. The 40 members of the group were responsible for the candy booth; donating three pounds of candy or $15 to the event. In recent years, member participation was lagging and it was becoming increasingly difficult have the booth. The sorority’s City Council, which has representatives each of the three groups, decided to donate to the hospital in other ways, rather than the Candy Booth.
“As a group, Gamma Pi decided that we could donate directly to the hospital,” explained Nancy Lotter, president of Gamma Pi. “It took us two years to come up what we felt was a substantial contribution that the hospital could use to purchase something tangible.” A community-minded organization, Beta Sigma Phi also assists the David A. Howe Library Gardening Fund, the Ridgewalk & Run, the Hart Comfort House and the Wellsville Balloon Rally.
“The cardiac simulator simulates heart rhythms and is a wonderful addition to the SIM LAB in our staff training center,” said Betty Guinnip, Staff Development Director at JMH. “We are so appreciative of the generosity of the Sorority.”
PHOTO CAPTION: Nancy Lotter, left, President of the Gamma Pi Sorority, recently presented Betty Guinnip, Staff Development Coordinator, with a check for $500 for a Cardiac Simulator, which will be used for training purposes.


WELLSVILLE, NY (October 15, 2012) -- After months of planning and discussions, Jones Memorial Hospital CEO Eva Benedict and University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) vice president for Administration Steven Goldstein today signed an agreement making the two health systems official collaborators. Together, they will work to identify and meet community needs in the greater Wellsville area.
Jones joins a growing list of hospitals – among them, Canandaigua’s Thompson Health and Dansville’s Noyes Health – that are now collaborating with URMC on ways to bring advanced medical services to smaller communities.
For Jones, this agreement represents an opportunity to deepen a friendship that’s existed for a dozen years as the two systems have collaborated on cardiac care. A URMC cardiologist sees patients in Wellsville and helps to manage the care of patients admitted to Jones.
“We are very excited to be partnering with an organization the caliber of URMC,” Benedict said. “Having access to both their services and their academic resources will benefit our entire community, from our medical staff and employees, to the patients and their caregivers. The experience that we have had with them on the cardiology service line has been excellent and we look forward to extending it to other specialties as well.”
"Jones Memorial is a first-rate hospital with an excellent medical staff and we are pleased to have them in the URMC family," Goldstein said. "For us, this is all about finding ways to maximize the resources of an academic medical center to bring the best possible care to local communities."
Under the agreement, the two systems agree to maintain at least three collaborative services. Jones will give URMC the opportunity to bid on new services it may wish to introduce and to favor URMC’s bids if they are competitive. URMC agrees to meet regularly with Jones leadership to discuss additional collaborative programs, and to help find ways to make the most of Jones’ ability to care for patients locally.
Last month, Jones and URMC leaders met with Jones’ medical staff to discuss what local doctors see as gaps in medical services available within the community, and ways to address those gaps including everything from making more information available during consults with URMC specialists to possibly recruiting new physicians to Wellsville. “These discussions are immensely helpful because local doctors know best what’s needed by patients in their own community,” Goldstein said. “In a world of limited resources, they help sharpen our priorities and ensure that new services we implement will be successful.”
One way the two systems plan to address community needs is by using emerging technologies like telemedicine; Jones and URMC hope it can eliminate the 90-minute drive to Rochester for many local patients. Already, Jones has begun to install the LifeImage system, information technology that allows physicians and staff in Wellsville to upload images in real-time to enrich their discussions with URMC physicians.
Initially, the system will be used on selected patients admitted to Jones, but the hospitals hope to quickly expand to include other admitted patients as well as outpatients. Jones was able to purchase some components of the system with funding received from Western New York Rural Area Health Education Center (R-AHEC). URMC supported Jones’ R-AHEC grant application.
According to Benedict, this is the first step toward a more robust telemedicine network. URMC is working with Jones to develop and audio-visual link that will, in the future, allow physician-patient consults in specific situations. “We believe this has tremendous potential and we have yet to determine all the ways it can be helpful,” she added.
Ideas like telemedicine could be additionally financed through a $1.3 million Health Care Efficiency and Affordability Law (HEAL) grant recently received by Jones. The grant is designed to give multi-hospital collaborations a boost by providing funds for upgrading information technology equipment and investing in telemedicine and other technologies.
URMC has also taken steps to ensure that Allegany County physicians can communicate more readily with URMC colleagues – specifically for those patients they refer to Rochester for care. Through the “ePartner” function in URMC’s electronic patient record, local physicians will soon be able to see their patients’ medical records at URMC, so that they can stay abreast of care provided at URMC.
“We’ve started to lay the foundation for an exciting partnership that will change the way Wellsville residents receive care,” Benedict said. “Today’s signing sets the stage for us to only deepen these efforts.”
The collaboration agreement does not represent a merger or acquisition; both health systems remain fiscally independent. Jones Memorial Hospital’s leadership and board of directors will maintain full decision-making authority and URMC does not own Jones Memorial.
PHOTO CAPTION: Eva Benedict, CEO at Jones Memorial Hospital, and University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) vice president for Administration Steven Goldstein signed an affiliation agreement that will lay the foundation for a partnership between the two facilities.


WELLSVILLE, NY (October 15, 2012) – We can all read the labels at the grocery store, but do you know what they are really telling you?
Find out how to shop healthy by joining Jones Memorial Hospital Certified Diabetes Educator Brenda Torrey and Registered Dietitian Kristi Williams for an educational shopping experience! They will be hosting free grocery store tours for the community. The guided tours - set for Tuesday, October 23, at Tops and Tuesday, October 30 at Giant - will include information on what to look for when you are shopping.
“We will teach participants how to shop and read labels to improve diabetes control and overall health, explained Kristi Williams, RD. “Classes are limited to 10 shoppers, but we still have space available in both sessions. Register today by calling 585.593-1100, ext. 5424.
Photo Caption: Diabetes Nurse Educator Brenda Torrey, standing, and Register Dietician Kristi Williams discuss some of the lessons that will be taught at the first Grocery Store Tours. Sign up today!


WELLSVILLE, NY (September 25, 2012) -- Cardiopulmonary services at Jones Memorial Hospital have been expanded to include Stress Echocardiograms.
A Stress Echocardiogram is a highly specialized test, and although it involves similar elements to an ordinary exercise test and an echocardiogram, it provides very specific information about the heart in a non-invasive way. It not only increases the accuracy of the stress test in assessing coronary artery disease, but also can be used to provide specific information about valvular disease and the pressure in the heart and lungs.
Also known as an exercise echocardiogram, the stress echo is divided into 3 parts: A resting echo study, stress test, and a repeat echo while the heart is still beating fast. Finger Lakes Cardiology, under the Strong Health umbrella, will continue to provide our patients’ with the exam interpretations.
If you have any questions about stress echocardiograms, please contact your healthcare provider, Mona Carbone 585-596-4114 or Carrie Walker 585-596-4014.


WELLSVILLE (September 19, 2012) – Jones Memorial Hospital is pleased to announced that Elizabeth Osborn, MD, has chosen to launch her Family Medicine practice at the Jones Memorial Medical Practices in Bolivar. She will begin seeing patients on Monday, October 1 at 120 First Street. New patients are welcome and appointments may be made now by calling (585) 928-1600. Dr. Osborn, who grew up in Wellsville, is taking over the practices established by her step-father, Dr. Richard Cudahy, who will retire this year. Dr. Osborn spent many school holidays helping out at Dr. Cudahy’s office. “I couldn’t fully embrace the idea of retirement until I knew that my patients would continue to get the care they need,” Dr. Cudahy said. “I am delighted to pass the torch to Libby.”
After graduating from Louisiana State University in Shreveport and attending medical school at the LSU Health Sciences Center, Dr. Osborn served her residency at Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio. She is board certified in Family Practice and will see patients of all ages, including infants. “I went into Family Practice because I want to take care of the whole family,” she said, noting that her office will have evening hours on Tuesdays. “When I was in medical school, it became clear that evening hours are important to working people who need to see their physician.”
Dr. Osborn wanted to come back to Allegany County to practice because the need here is so great. “I wanted to give something back, she said. I am very excited to be here,” she said. She and her husband, Roger, have two young children. They will make their home in the Wellsville area.
This practice is a new addition to the Jones Memorial Medical Practices according to Julie Hart, Vice President of Physician Practice Management. “We are very excited not only to welcome Dr. Osborn to the JMH Family, but to provide Dr. Cudahy’s patients with the quality of care they have come to expect,” she said, noting that an official welcome reception is being planned in Bolivar. “We want to give the community an opportunity to meet Dr. Osborn and say good bye to Dr. Cudahy.”
If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment with Dr. Osborn, please call the office at 585-928-1600.


WELLSVILLE, NY (September 12, 2012) -- A trip to the emergency room can be scary at any age. For children, whether they are the patient or accompanying a patient, it can be exceptionally tense. At Jones Memorial Hospital, children who need a little extra comfort in the ER receive kit containing a stuffed animal, a soft blanket and a book to pass the time. Thanks to a recent gift from members of the ALCO Federal Credit Union in Wellsville, the Book, Blanket, and Buddy (3B) Program is back in business!
According to ALCO CEO Mike Miller, the credit union staff had heard of the 3B program and wanted to help it to continue using ALCOs Coins for Comfort Program. “We came up with several ways to raise Coins for Comfort and to encourage members to donate books,” he said, “We had a spring loan promotion, a Movie Basket drawing for members and a special coin collection at the Annual Meeting. I am so pleased with the support our members gave this effort.”
The Book, Blanket and Buddy program began at Jones several years ago, when ACCORD Corporation delivered a supply of the kits to the ER. “There is no question a soft blanket, a cuddly toy and a book can make a trying time a little easier,” said Mona Carbone, Nurse Manager of the ER at Jones. “We can’t thank members of ALCO enough for continuing this program.”
For more information about how you or your organization can help, please contact Judy Burt, Community Relations Director at JMH at (585) 596-4050.
PHOTO CAPTION: JMH Nurse Manager Mona Carbone, left, looks over the donated books, blankets and stuffed animals donated by members of the ALCO Federal Credit Union. Executive Vice President Pam Young and CEO Mike Miller presented the items to the Book, Blanket & Buddy Program.


WELLSVILLE, NY (September 1, 2012) -- The candidates for the 2012 Jones Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Gala Queen have been announced! As part of a long-time tradition, each of the Auxiliary’s Twigs and several community organizations sponsor a queen candidate to sell tickets to the Grand Raffle, which is drawn at the Auxiliary’s Gala & Silent Auction. The young lady who sells the most tickets will be crowned the Auxiliary’s 2012 Queen.

Representing the Lilac Twig is Daesha Plummer of Belmont. Daesha, right, is the daughter of Chris and Lisa Plummer and attends Genesee Valley Central School. She is a member of the volleyball, golf, soccer, basketball and softball teams. She also is a member of the cheerleading squad and is a peer tutor. Daesha has been honored for perfect attendance and citizenship. Her hobbies include swimming, dancing, reading and art. She works at The American Hotel in Angelica and plans to attend college. She would like to work in the medical field.

Stephanie Moline, the daughter of Nick and Vivian Moline of Andover, left, is representing the Maple Twig. A junior at Andover Central School, Stephanie is on the soccer, basketball and tennis teams. She is consistently on the school’s honor roll. In her spare time, Stephanie can be found playing soccer, hanging with her friends and swimming. She is employed by Otis-Eastern but plans to attend college and pursue a career in physical therapy.

The Olive Twig has named Rachel Ellison as its candidate. She is the daughter of Kevin and Darla Ellison of Scio. Now a junior at Wellsville High School, Rachel is a graduate of Immaculate Conception School. She is a member of the Odyssey of the Mind teams throughout her school career. Rachel is an AP and Honors student who is in the top 10 of her class. She has done some modeling and in her spare time, Rachel enjoys shopping, reading, and creating art. Her future plans include medical school; she would like to be a plastic surgeon.

Rachel Fahs, the daughter of Michelle Boissenin and Edward Fahs, is representing the Wellsville Rotary Club. A junior at Wellsville High School, Rachel is in the science club and is one of the top 10 students in her class. She is consistently on the honor roll and received the Meritorious Service Award for Global. She is presently employed at Giant Food Mart and the Beef Haus. Rachel enjoys reading, camping, and being with her friends. She plans to attend college for a career as a veterinary technician. Rachel, right, is a junior at Wellsville High School. She is presently employed at Giant Food Mart.

The Hemlock Twig is represented this year by Elizabeth Sobeck, the daughter of Dennis and Annie Sobeck of Wellsville. Liz is a junior at Wellsville High School where she was a member of Students Against Destructive Decisions. She is presently on the yearbook committee and a member of the science club. Liz is serving her third year as Vice President of the Student Council and is a member of the soccer, and track teams. An honors student, Liz has been on the honor roll throughout her high school career and was chosen to be the student representative for the strategic planning committee. Liz enjoys babysitting, four-wheeling, and spending time with family and friends. She works at Short’s Deli and the Wellsville Recreation Center where she teaches dance classes. Liz plans to attend college and is considering a career in Dentistry.

Leah Farwell is the Evergreen Twig candidate. The daughter of Beth and Roger Farwell, Leah is on the Wellsville High School varsity swim team and. An honors student, she has been a continual member of the Wellsville School District’s Odyssey of the Mind team. Leah is an honors student who enjoys swimming, listening to music with friends and going on adventures. Lean babysits occasionally, and will be attending a four-year college with the plan of studying abroad.

The Xi Alpha Omicron Beta Sigma Phi Sorority will be represented by Madilyn Williams. Madilyn. left, is the daughter of Rebecca Loeb and lives in Wellsville. She is a junior at Wellsville High School, where she is in International Club and Ushers Club. She plays volleyball and softball and is involved in the school drama department. Her hobbies include racing soap box derby, horseback riding, painting, camping, playing with her sister, painting her nails and playing with her pets. Madi is planning to attend the University of Chicago for a degree in architecture and interior design. She enjoys traveling and would like to one day live in France.

The Wellsville Educators Association has selected Hannah Graham, the daughter of Melissa and David Graham, to represent the group this year. Hannah is a junior at Wellsville High School and has been involved with SADD. She is presently on the yearbook committee and an honors student. A member of the varsity soccer team and the track team, Hannah spends her free time with family and friends. She works at the Wellsville Recreation Center where she oversees activities for children including tracks, arts and crafts, and dance. After high school she will be attending college.

For more information about where to buy raffle tickets, contact the JMH Auxiliary at 585-593-1100, ext. 5426.


Jones Memorial Hospital is hosting a Going Away Reception for long-time medical staff member Dr. Joe Felsen and his wife, F.A., on Sunday, August 26th from 3-5 pm in the Walchli Room at the hospital. The Felsens, who have been accepted to the Peace Corps, will be heading to the Fiji Islands on September1. “Joe and FA have been such a major part of the JMH family that we couldn’t let them leave without giving the community a chance to say good bye,” said Eva Benedict, CEO at Jones Memorial. “We hope that everyone can join us in wishing them well on the next chapter of their lives.” The Felsens are very excited to will be heading to the Fiji islands on September 1. “We are very much looking forward to having the opportunity to serve in another setting, particularly one in which there are such significant needs for medical care,” Dr. Felsen said. The reception is free and open to everyone who would like to wish the Felsens well before they head out on their adventure.


WELLSVILLE, NY (July 25, 2012) -- Spectacular. That is one of the words used to describe the recently completed “sample room” on the second floor at Jones Memorial Hospital.
This year, the focus of the hospitals Hometown Heroes Annual Fund Drive, is the complete renovation of 12 patient rooms on the second floor. Once completed, each room will have fresh paint, new flooring and new furniture including tables and chairs, bedside stands and wall cabinets. In addition, they will have flat screen televisions, and new privacy curtains, window treatments and bedding.
“We are very excited by what is coming,” said Donna Bliven, VP of Patient Care Services at JMH. “Now that the first room is complete, we can see what the rest of the floor will look like at the end of the project and it is very exciting!”
According to Facilities Services Director Jeff Ely, by concentrating their efforts on completely renovating one room from top to bottom, “we are able to show people what their gifts to the annual fund drive will accomplish.” He noted that by the end of the year, the plan is to have 12 of the 23 patient rooms on the second floor completed. “Of course, finances come into play,” Jeff said. “If all goes well, we will have six semi-private and six private rooms done by the end of the year.” The average cost of each room is about $6,000. The renovation project was inspired by the work that was done last fall on the second floor nurses station. Thanks to a gift from the late Kathryn Church of Andover, the nurses area was given a complete facelift by Bill Lynch of Andover Wood Products.
“It is a wonderful workspace and a major improvement,” Donna added.
This year’s Annual Fund Drive, which continues until October 1, offers some unique recognition opportunities. “It is important that those who make a financial commitment to the hospital know how much their gift is appreciated and that they are recognized in an appropriate way,” explained Judy Burt, Director of Community Relations at Jones. “The nature of the project is such that we can put a plaque on each room either in honor of the donor or in memory of a loved one.” For more information about the recognition options available at JMH, please contact Mrs. Burt at 585 596 4050 or email.
To date, the annual fund drive has raised 50-percent of the funds needed to complete all 12 rooms. “We are looking to our community to support this project,” said Eva Benedict, CEO at Jones Memorial. “At some point, nearly everyone will have an opportunity to see the new rooms first hand; as a patient or a visitor.” ''PHOTO CAPTION: Jeff Ely, Facilities Services Director at JMH, discusses the renovations that have been completed so far in with Med/Surg Coordinator Jennifer Scheible, center, and VP of Patient Care Services Donna Bliven.''


WELLSVILLE, NY (July 23, 2012) -- Vickie Hook, Deputy Chief of Staff for Congressman Tom Reed, stopped by JMH recently to tour the facility. "We were delighted to show her around Jones Memorial," said Eva Benedict, CEO at Jones. "She was impressed with the staff and the services we provide on a very tight budget."
Congressman Reed has recently co-sponsored a bill in the US House of Representatives, H.R. 5943 the Rural Hospital Access Act of 2012, that would protect rural funding of over $620,000 annually for JMH. He also served on the Joint Conference Committee this past spring that negotiated to avoid the 27-percent decrease in reimbursement for physicians - at least until the end of this year.
According to Mrs. Benedict, Ms. Hook used the visit to talk to staff members and discuss the challenges faced by rural hospitals. "We showed her around the building – warts and all – and talked about how difficult it is to keep up with the capital improvement projects in the present economic environment," explained Tracy Gates, CFO at Jones.
"We are very grateful for the time Ms. Hook spent with us as well as the counsel and support she provided to our Congressman," Mrs. Benedict added.
PHOTO CAPTION: Tracy Gates, CFO at Jones, left, demonstrated the Workstation On Wheels to Vicki Hook of Sen. Tom Reed’s office. JMH has used grant funding to purchase the workstations, which are used by nurses for documentation and bedside medication verification.


WELLSVILLE, NY (June 19, 2012) – Jones Memorial Hospital will receive a grant of $1,067,258 through the Health Care Efficiency and Affordability Law for New Yorkers (HEAL NY) program.
The HEAL NY grants are awarded to help hospitals and nursing homes improve primary and community-based care, eliminate excess bed capacity and reduce over-reliance on inpatient care. Jones Memorial, which recently announced a formal Collaborating Institution Agreement with the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC), will use the funds to strengthen and facilitate that agreement, which should be finalized in the next few months.
"These funds will be used to strengthen our cardiac outpatient diagnostic services, our telemedicine equipment, consulting and legal fee support and a variety of other projects to facilitate the partnership with University of Rochester Medical Center," explained Eva Benedict CEO at Jones Memorial.
Through this agreement, the two health systems will work more closely together to identify and meet overall community healthcare needs. "It represents an extension of the alliance we have long enjoyed in cardiology," added Mrs. Benedict. "For the last 12 years, URMC's department of Cardiology has operated a practice in Wellsville, providing local office visits and diagnostic services, even helping to manage the care of patients who are admitted to JMH." The result of this formal agreement is better access to other types of specialty care, and smoother transfers and referrals as patients move between the two hospital systems.
"This is a huge step forward for JMH. It will really assist us as we move forward with our partnership," Mrs. Benedict added. "I am proud to work with such a dedicated and committed team."

Welcoming New Faces to JMH!

WELLSVILLE, NY ( June 10, 2012) -- A semi-regular event at JMH, the Welcome Reception gives new faces—and familiar ones in new roles—a chance to meet the community at large. Attending this year were some of the newest faces at JMH. From left, Dr. James Rummel, Andover Medical Practice; Kathy Maine, NP, Pain Management; Dan Guiney, on the Board of Directors; Nicole Dusenbury, PA, Loder Street Medical Practice; Dr. Bill Coch, board member and hospitalist; Jody Bellows, Pharmacy Directory; Brenda Sobeck, Director of HR; Linda Spear, RN, Director of Acute Care Services; and Bob Seamon, Director of Health Information Management. Missing was Board Member Kim Toot.

JMH Board of Directors Elects Officers

WELLSVILLE, NY (June 12, 2012) – The Jones Memorial Hospital Board of Directors elected a new slate of officers at the annual meeting recently. Rich Shear of Wellsville was asked to assume the duties of Chairman and Samantha Gilkey took his position as Vice Chair. Rounding out the slate of officers are two newer members of the board: Dan Guiney is treasurer and Barry Kulp was elected secretary.
Rich, who has been on the board since 2006, is president of Hamilton Shoe Store, Inc. and founder of the annual Ridgewalk and Run. He is an active member of the community and he and his wife, Gwyn, live in Wellsville.
Sammy Gilkey has been on the board since. During that time, she has served as chairman, vice chair and treasurer. In 2011, Sammy and her husband Clint were honored as the 1921 Associates of the Year for their dedication to the hospital and to the community. Sammy is the great grandniece of hospital founder Gertrude Jones.
The new treasurer, Dan Guiney, is one of the newest members of the board. A retired attorney, Dan joined the board in September. He and his wife, Joan, have two grown children and live in Wellsville.
Now serving as secretary, Barry Kulp has been on the BOD since 2010. He is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist with the Southern Tier Anesthesiologist Group. He and his wife, Kate, live in Wellsville.
The Jones Memorial Hospital Board of Directors also includes Gary Balcom, Mark Hunter, Dr. Joseph Felsen, Kim Toot, Rev. Marian Schneider, Dr. Bill Coch, Dr. Robert L. Gilfert, and Mike Berardi.


WELLSVILLE, NY (June 4, 2012) -- Jones Memorial Hospital President Eva Benedict today announced that JMH will pursue a formal Collaborating Institution Agreement with the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC). The Agreement is expected to take a few months to finalize.
Through this agreement, the two health systems will work more closely together to identify and meet overall community healthcare needs. "It represents an extension of the alliance we have long enjoyed in cardiology," added Mrs. Benedict. "For the last 12 years, URMC’s department of Cardiology has operated a practice in Wellsville, providing local office visits and diagnostic services, even helping to manage the care of patients who are admitted to JMH." The result of this formal agreement is better access to other types of specialty care, and smoother transfers and referrals as patients move between the two hospital systems.
A formal Collaborating Institution Agreement, which would take a few months to finalize, also allows Jones to tap into URMC’s administrative expertise as the hospital prepares to face the challenges of health care reform. "As our health care system evolves, there is a growing need for us to work with larger health systems to improve access to specialty services right here in the Wellsville area," Benedict said. "In this case, we have the opportunity to formalize a long-standing friendship with upstate's largest academic medical center, the University of Rochester Medical Center. That could mean greater convenience and more comprehensive care for our local patients and their families."
"We are thrilled that Jones Memorial has expressed a desire to work more closely with URMC," said Steven I. Goldstein, URMC Senior Vice President. "They are a well-run hospital with exceptional leadership and a respected, engaged medical staff. Through this Collaborating Agreement, we hope to develop ways to keep more patients right there in Wellsville."
In the current health care environment, with health care reform initiatives and serious federal and state budget pressures, all hospitals are looking for ways to work together to reduce costs and improve care to the communities they serve. As part of its strategic planning process, Jones Memorial had invited URMC to propose various ways that the two systems could work together in a closer, more structured way.
While the formal agreement has not yet been signed, both parties have committed to moving forward with the collaboration process, beginning with a Letter of Intent. Jones selected URMC after considering proposals from other large health systems.


WELLSVILLE, NY (June 1, 2012) – It's commonly known that renovation projects can have a domino effect. You put up a new coat of paint and it makes the carpet look shabby. Or you replace the curtains and the furniture suddenly looks pretty worn. Not surprisingly, that situation can happen anywhere. Even at your community hospital!
Recently, with a generous gift from the late Katherine Church of Andover, Jones Memorial Hospital renovated the nurses’ station on the second floor. The results are so warm and beautiful – with wood laminate counters and flooring – that plans are underway to expand the project and renovate the patient rooms on the second floor. This project is the focus of the 2012 Annual Fund Drive.
"We will be updating and renovating 12 inpatient rooms on the second floor," explained Donna Bliven, VP of Patient Care Services at Jones. In addition to new paint, privacy curtains, window treatments and bedding, each room will be outfitted with new flat screen televisions and new furniture including table and chairs, bedside stands, over bed tables and wall cabinets.
The nature of this particular project presents unique giving and recognition opportunities, according to Community Relations Director Judy Burt. "For a gift of $6,000 or more, you can fund the complete renovation of a room," she said. "To thank our generous donors, those who give at this level will be acknowledged with a beautiful plaque outside of the room." Friends and friends can also dedicate a room to a loved one by combining their gift. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Judy at 585.596.4050 or by email.


WELLSVILLE, NY (May 17, 2012) – Providing quality healthcare services in an economically depressed rural environment is just another day at the office for Jones Memorial Hospital. However, toss in a requirement by the American Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to become a meaningful user of health information technology, and you are really stretching the finances.
Thanks to a $125,000 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission, the installation of the software and the hardware needed to implement the electronic medical record throughout the hospital and the medical practices is nearly complete. The project includes the purchase of software, training the staff to use it and customizing it to suit our patient needs. "We also had to provide the tools - the computers - that the staff needs to use that software," said Roxie Williams, Clinical Information Specialist. "You can’t ask the providers to use the system if there aren't sufficient workstations available." Training, testing, evaluation and monitoring are all a continuing part of the program.
"This was an expensive undertaking and your support was vital," Tracy Gates, Chief Financial Officer at Jones told the ARC representatives who were in Wellsville recently. "The ARRA payments for the purchase and implementation of the required technology are not made until well after the project is completed." For a small community hospital, it would have been a difficult investment. But not meeting those requirements would have been a disaster, Ms. Gates noted, because penalties will be imposed on facilities who do not meet these federal requirements on time.
Overseeing and monitoring the technology is the hospital's Clinical Documentation Committee with representatives from nursing, the medical staff, pharmacy, Information Technology, Quality Assurance and Health Information Management. "We have completed 95-percent of the plan and have been meeting on a regular basis to work through the logistics of the implementation," Ms. Gates noted, adding that the benefits of a computerized physician order entry system are many. “In medical imaging, for example, the response time is much faster now that it is no longer a manual process, there is less time clarifying orders because of handwriting issues,” she said.
The representatives from the ARC were all pleased with the results of the project funded by the grant.
PHOTO CAPTION: Representatives from the Appalachian Regional Commission came to Jones Memorial Hospital recently to see the results of the grant awarded last year. In photo, from left, George Korchowsky, Land Use Training Specialist with the State Department Local Government Division; Richard Zink, Executive Director of Southern Tier West (STW); Roxie Williams, JMH Clinical Documentation Specialist at JMH; Lauren Moll, JMH Clinical Analyst; Ginger G. Malak, STW Development Coordinator; Deirdre Scozzafava, deputy secretary of state for local government; and Tracy Gates, CFO at Jones.'


WELLSVILLE, NY (May 12, 2012) – The Jones Memorial Hospital Auxiliary’s 8th Annual Celebrate Summer Classic Golf Tournament is set for Friday, June 29, at the Wellsville Country Club.
The tournament is a 4-person scramble. "What is really nice about the scramble format is that it is fun for serious golfers as well as those who haven’t picked up a club in years – or ever," said Co-Chair Jason Reynolds. "We are still looking for golfers and for local businesses and individuals who would like to be sponsors."
The cost of the tournament and complimentary dinner is $340 per four-person team or $85 per person. The fee includes a cart, 18 holes of golf and complimentary dinner. Members of the Wellsville Country Club pay $70 per golfer and $280 per team. If you want to come just for the dinner and awards ceremony, the cost is $15.
Sponsorship opportunities range from the $2,500 Hole in One Tournament Sponsor, to the Eagle level for $1000 and the Birdie level for $500, as well as Par sponsors for $250 and Tee sponsors for $100 and a cart sponsorship for $50. "We are looking for golfers and sponsors to offset the cost of the tournament and make it a successful fundraiser for the Auxiliary," Jodi Pearson, event co-chair, noted. If you would like a brochure or more information about how you can participate in this event, please contact Jason at 585-596-4060 or Jodi at 585-593-1100, ext 5333.

JMH Hosts Free Wellness Fair for Community

WELLSVILLE, NY (May 1, 2012) -- Wellness is the word during Hospital Week! In addition to the special Wellness Fair for JMH staff on Tuesday, May 8th in the Walchli Room, there will be one for the community the next day! Appointments are required for the Community Wellness Fair and can be made by calling the Nursing Office at 596-4056.
Both Wellness Fairs will offer a variety of health screenings including blood pressure, bone density testing, balance assessment and flexibility measurement. The lab work offered will include glucose and cholesterol screenings. The new Biodex balance machine, in photo, is a nice addition to the screenigs. The Tanita Scale will be available to measure body fat and BMI (Body Mass Index). In addition, information will be available on the importance of screening in preventing Colorectal Cancer and the JMH Dietician will be available to discuss the importance of healthy eating. Allegany Western Steuben Rural Health Network will be at both events with information about the Share Your Wishes initiative and the Growing Stronger Program. Other organizations who will be at the Wellness Fair are UNYTS to discuss organ donation and Allegany County Cancer Services. The JMH Patient Financial Counselor and the Say2 Facilitated Enroller will also be on hand to discuss health insurance options.
"As we celebrate Hospital Week, the free Community Wellness Fair is a way to thank the community for continuing to support JMH," explained Brenda Szabo, who is heading up the hospital’s Wellness Committee.
Other Hospital Week activities include special deliveries of treats to all departments and health care centers. On Tuesday, the directors and coordinators will be delivering bouquets of fruit and cheese ka-bobs. Then on Friday, the Admin Team will be making the rounds with yogurt parfaits, a traditional Hospital Week favorite!

JMH Sending Surplus Medical Supplies to the Domincan Republic

WELLSVILLE, NY (May 9, 2012) -- For years, the JMH Surgical Services Department has collected and donated surplus medical supplies to MedShare, an international organization that collects and redistributes these items to qualified healthcare facilities in the developing world. Now, because of the work Nurse Practitioner Sherry Herdman is doing in the Dominican Republic (DR), those surplus supplies are going directly to the Monkey Jungle, a medical and dental clinic located near Sherry's home in the DR.
"After visiting Sherry and seeing the work that Monkey Jungle does and the needs they have, I was happy to help Sherry redirect our supplies there," explained Jan Riley, ASU Coordinator at Jones. Monkey Jungle operates a zip line adventure to support the clinic, but relies on volunteers and donations for additional support. Many of the medical and dental clinic volunteers are from the US, Canada, and Europe.
Every Saturday, the Monkey Jungle Clinic cares for about 125 people. The main focus of the clinic is to provide medical and dental care and most of the patients come from the DR and Haiti. The dental clinic does extractions as needed and provides preventive care. Schools, orphanages, and organizations that serve children in the Dominican Republic bring their clients to the medical and dental clinics on a regular basis. "The Monkey Jungle farm grows food to feed the staff and freely gives food to clients that are hungry," Sherry added, noting that locally, East Wind Nursery donated vegetable seeds from the 2011 season. "Those seeds were used by Monkey Jungle as well as by the Mariposa DR Foundation."
Sherry is also working with Mariposa DR, a foundation that works with girls and their families to try to break the cycle of poverty by empowering, educating and employing women. Last year, Sherry was collecting sewing machines. This year, one of the projects is to provide clean, safe beds for 25 families. Bedding will be a part of the project so if anyone has sheets that fit twin or full size beds, new or slightly used, please consider donating that bedding to the project.
Even a small donation can make a big difference. For more information or to arrange pick up if bedding donations, email Sherry Herdman at or call her at 585-268-5705.
PHOTO CAPTION: Sarah Hunter, wife of JMH Board Member Mark Hunter, recently delivered several suitcases full of medical supplies from JMH. Here, Surgical Services Director Sue Thomas, right, and ASU Coordinator Jan Riley present Mark with the most recent donation.

Insulin Pump Training at JMH

WELLSVILLE, NY (May 2, 2012) -- If you are diabetic and take more than one insulin injection a day, it may be time to explore your options and learn more about insulin pump therapy. You can find out more at a free class at 4 pm on Thursday, May 17 in the third floor conference room at Jones Memorial Hospital.
Lead by Brenda Torrey, Diabetic Nurse Educator and Certified Pump Trainer in the Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center, the class will explore options and discuss how technology can help diabetics gain better control of their blood sugar. If you have ever considered pump therapy or would like to find out more, please register for the class by calling 585-596-4035 or by emailing Brenda.
Certified by the American Diabetes Association, the Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center was established to provide education and services to the community. The services offered include Point Of Care testing for A1C, lipid profile, urine micro albumin, and external ocular photographic screening. For more information, contact your healthcare provider or call the Diabetes Center at (585) 596 5035.

March 12 A Very Special Day for Girl Scouts!

WELLSVILLE, NY (March 14, 2012) -- Wow! That Maddison Zimmer is a real go-getter! Only a few days old and she is already a Girl Scout and has her first Fun Patch and her first pin! She won’t be able to go to meetings until she enters kindergarten, but she is a member of a very special Girl Scout Troop.
Maddison arrived at Jones Memorial Hospital on March 12, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Girl Scouts. She is the daughter of Rebecca Hillman and Jason Zimmer of Rushford and sister to 17 months old Olivia. As a former Girl Scout herself, Rebecca was delighted with the recognition her new daughter received.
In honor of the 100th anniversary of the very first Girl Scout meeting, all girls born on March 12, 2012 are eligible members of the 100th Anniversary Troop. According to Sonya Ellis, who manages four troops of 56 girls in the Bolivar-Rushford area, all girls may to join the Girl Scouts when they are five years old. Members must learn the GS Promise and follow GS law.
The gift package that Sonya’s troop put together for Maddison includes a Fun Patch, a special centennial pin and a handmade blanket with ladybugs and butterflies. “That is in honor of our founder, Juliette Gordon Low, who loved the outdoors and was very athletic,” Sonja said, noting that there are also a couple of boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the gift bag.
Like all Girl Scout troops, Sonia's are dedicated to community service and helping others. This year, everything they do, they do 100 of them. They sent 100 boxes to Christmas for Children, sent 100 Christmas Cards to Walter Reed Hospital and collected 100 items for Joyful Rescues in Cuba. The girls under Sonya’s Daisy Scouts, Brownies, Girl Scouts and Cadets, ''Photo: Rebecca Hillman, left, accepts a special gift from the Girl Scouts on behalf of her daughter, Maddison. Because Maddision was born on March 12, 2012 – the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts – local leader Sonya Ellis and her troop prepared a special birthday present for her.'

Hemlock Twig Bicentenniel Quilt Stops at JMH

In 1976, members of the Hemlock Twig created a very special quilt to raffle off at that years Country Fair. The lucky winner, Marcella Richardson of Wellsville, has donated the quilt to the Nathaniel Dyke Museum. The quilt is now on display in the main lobby at Jones Memorial.
Measuring 82” x 82”, this hand-quilted work consists of 25 appliquéd, embroidered and initialed squares. Each square depicts a scene from the Wellsville-area except for the center square, which portrays Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. It took Twig members more than a year to design, sew and create it.
Present members of the Hemlock Twig helped match the initials on the quilt squares to the names of the members who created them. The identification is still going on, so it you are able to help, please contact Nathaniel Dyke Museum President, Jane Pinney. So far, the following squares have been identified, from left to right:

  • TOP ROW: ST is Sally Thornton, DF is Donna Foster, S is Sally Signor, HS is Helen Shear, & MJR is unknown.
  • 2nd ROW: DM is Dot Martelle, MNOB is Marcy O’Brien, RB is Roberta Mamma, MB is Margaret Brooks, & EL is Eloise Walpole.
  • 3rd ROW: DM is Dot Martelle, RB is Rita Blitz, S is Sally Signor, DC is Dot Comstock, & AL is Audrey Lively.
  • 4th ROW: MA is Mary Kaman, JD is Janelle Drake, ST is Sally Thornton, GCF is unknown, & MKP is Mickey Pamukcoglu.
  • 5th ROW: L. Walpole is Louse Walpole, AK is unknown, PS is Peggy Sands, EW is Eloise Walpole, & DM is Dot Martelle.

Thanking the JMH Auxiliary!

The following is a list of items the JMH Auxiliary has agreed to purchase for JMH. Every year, hospital Administration presents the Auxiliary with a “Wish List” and every year the Auxilians purchase many of the items with the money raised through their fundraisers, including the most recent Country Fair and the Gala & Silent Auction. Thank you to the Auxiliary for all the hard work and thank you to everyone who supports their efforts.

  • Pediatric BP equipment, baby scales, Microscope, exam tables, portable otoscope, rectal thermometers for the Medical Practices.
  • Vital Signs Monitor for Medical Imaging
  • Refrigerator for Microbiology
  • White Boards for Med/Surg Patient Rooms
  • Quiet Rubbermaid Supply Carts
  • Repair of various stretcher, crib and bassinet covers
  • Repair of ER GYN bed
  • 2 standard Wheelchairs
  • 1 Bariatric Wheelchair
  • 1 Transport Chair
  • Blood Warmer for lab
  • 2 Patient Stools for Medical Imaging
  • Carpet Extractor
  • 2 Vital Sign Machines
  • Transport Monitor
  • EKG Machine
  • Balance Equipment
  • Payroll Deduction Alternative System
  • Fluoroscopy Chair for Medical Imaging
  • White Noise equipment for the Medical Practices
  • Vertical Blinds for patient rooms on Med/Surg
  • Defibrillators
  • Pulmonary Function Equipment

Liz Hart Crowned Auxiliary Queen at 2012 Gala!

This year's Jones Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Queen Candidates broke all previous fund-raising records by selling $14,752 worth of tickets to the grand raffle. The drawing and the crowning of the young lady who sold the most tickets is one of the highlights of the Auxiliary's Gala & Silent Auction. This year, Liz Hart, the daughter of Jerome and Nancy Hart of Wellsville, sold nearly 5,000 tickets - more tickets than any of the other candidates. Coming in second was Catherine Spare of Scio, followed by Emily Gilfert of Wellsville.
"It is incredible, especially in these tough economic times, that these young ladies were able to raise this amount of money,” said Sylvia Masin, Auxiliary member and co-chair of the Grand Raffle. "We have a generous and supportive community and this is a dedicated group of young ladies." The winner of the Grand Raffle was Kathryn Gilbert.

The Country Fair Report

It was another successful year for the annual Country Fair! With a record-setting number of baskets in the basket auction along with the usual selection of handmade and unique items available at the various booths, it is no surprise that this year the fair was very well attended! Before things got started, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held to officially open the Country Fair. Doing the honors were, left, Julie Hart, Jones Memorial's VP Marketing and Practice Management, Auxilian Ruth Kling, Country Fair Co-Chair Joyce Wheaton, and Auxilian Kay Eicher.

JMH Lends a Helping Hand to Healthy Families

Cash, cans, cereal, clothes. The 2nd Annual Helping Hands for Healthy Families drive was a big success for the Employee Activities Committee and for Healthy Families of Allegany County!
In mid-October, JMH staff were encouraged to bring in items to be donated to Healthy Families of Allegany County. As a thank you for those who participated, the Employee Activities Committee held a drawing for four $50 Wellsville-Area Chamber gift certificates. The lucky winners were Lisa Coombes, Kathy Kurschner, Norma Drake and Cheryl Baker.
"I am so proud of the way the Helping Hands initiative has gone," said Co-Chair Jeff Ely, noting that this is the second year JMH has been able to make a significant contribution to the Healthy Families Program. Healthy Families Allegany & Cattaraugus are voluntary home visiting programs for expectant and new parents that promote parent-child interaction, self-sufficiency and encourage families to access community resources. Families can enter the program prenatally and up until the baby reaches the age of three months. There are four levels of home visits provided until the child reaches the age of five, or attends preschool or Head Start. Services are provided to families annually in all of Allegany County.
"This is truly impressive," said Parent Education Supervisor Shane Lehman of the donation. "A lot of families will be helped because of the generous people at Jones Memorial."

A Thank you From Sherry Herdman from the Dominican Republic

Thanks to everyone who donated sewing machines, we were able to ship 27 machines to the Dominican Republic. I am working with Mariposa DR Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of girls through education and mentoring. I am using the sewing machines when I teach sewing classes to local girls. My students range in age from 10 to 15. Because space is limited at the Mariposa the classes are being held at my house and each class has 4-5 students. Imagine teaching sewing in a different language to students that have never touched a sewing machine before! I am responsible for transporting the students to and from classes. I can tell you for sure that every street in every barrio is narrow and dead ends. Sometimes my students arrive hungry so cheese sandwiches and juice are always available. Yesterday two of my students could not come to class for what I think are interesting reasons. One girl's family had run out of propane so she had to cook with carbon (charcoal) and therefore would not finish her work in time to go to class. The other girl's mother was away that day so she had to stay home to cook and clean for her father.
Students in the Dominican Republic go to school half days. There are not enough schools so half of the students attend mornings and the others attend in the afternoons. The DR spends less than 4% of it's budget on education. That is a big issue in DR presidential elections that will take place in spring 2012. On December 17th Mariposa is having a holiday bazaar on the beach in Cabarete, a small beach town known for sail boarding and kite sailing. Vendors have rented space to sell things and Mariposa Foundation will be doing health education, gardening demonstrations (part of healthy eating and nutrition classes), height-weight and blood pressure screenings, as well as providing information about regional activities. I am proud to say some of the things being sold will have been made by my sewing students and I will be doing BP screenings.
More than ever I find myself thankful every day for things we take for granted in the US, like a good education, reasonable prices in the supermarket, consistent electricity, and yes....the US postal service. The DR does not have a functioning postal service. You are expected to pay bills by taking your money (pesos) to the service provider. It takes 21 to 41 days to clear a check so pesos in hand are the expectation. On the other hand, it is the 80s daily and the ocean is warm, warm, warm!
Adios, Sherry Herdman


Jones Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce three new members of the board of directors: Daniel Guiney, Kimberly Toot, and William Coch, MD.

Dan Guiney is a native of Central New York, but has lived in Allegany County for over 35 years. In 2008, Dan retired after 30 years as an Allegany County Attorney. A member and past president of the Allegany County Bar Association, Dan is also on the Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commission for the 8th Judicial District. He serves on the Immaculate Conception Church and Parish Council, the Stannards Water Board and is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Educational Foundation of Alfred, Inc. Dan’s hobbies include fishing, reading and spending time with his family. He and his wife, Joan, have two grown children, Katie and Dan, and one grandson, Sean Guiney. Dan accepted the position on the JMH Board because the hospital is "one of the most important assets of our community."

Bill Coch is a familiar face at the hospital, having been a part of the medical staff for 30 years. He came to Andover as part of the National Health Service Corps in 1975 and opened his private practice in 1979. In 2006, JMH acquired his practice and he remains an employed physician until his retirement later this year. He and his wife, Carla, have two grown sons, Julian and Reilly. Music and farming are two of his outside interests. Dr. Coch agrees with Dan Guiney on the importance of Jones Memorial. "The hospital is an essential part of this community," he said. "My experience and perspective can make a positive contribution to furthering the mission of JMH."

Kim Toot came to Wellsville in 1985 from Boulder, Colorado. Her life-long interest in geriatric and end-of-life care issues has served her well in her position as director of the Allegany County Office for the Aging. The founder and secretary of the Allegany Senior Foundation, Kim is also chair of the ACCORD board of directors and a member of the Allegany Western Steuben Rural Health Network. She is a diaconate at First Congregational Church and is in the choir. Her other interests include pottery. "It is vital to the health and wellness of our community to have access to the services provided by Jones Memorial and its medical practices," she said. "I bring with me a community services/elder perspective to the board."
In addition to the new members, the Jones Memorial Hosptial Board of Directors includes Chairman Gary Balcom, Vice-Chairman Rich Shear, Secretary Mark Hunter, Treasurer Samantha Gilkey, Dr. Joseph Felsen, Rev. Marian Schneider, Dr. Willard Simons, Dr. Robert L. Gilfert, Mike Berardi and Barry Kulp.


When Dr. Bill Coch announced his plans to retire this year, finding a replacement physician who is a good fit for the patient practice he has built over the past 26 years was not an easy task. Good news! Dr. Coch and Jones Memorial Hospital are very pleased that . James R. Rummel, DO, will be joining the Jones Memorial Medical Practices site in Andover.
Dr. Rummel is board eligible in Family Practice, recently completed a family practice residency in Texas and earned his Doctor of Osteopathy at the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine.
According to Julie Hart, Vice President of Practice Management, patients who presently see Dr. Coch will be under the care of Dr. Rummel when Dr. Coch retires. As a family practitioner, Dr. Rummel will be seeing patients of all ages. Dan Woolston, Nurse Practitioner, is planning to stay on at the practice and will continue to see his patients.
Photo Caption: Dr. James Rummel, his wife, Cassie, and their children have relocated to Wellsville. Dr. Rummel will begin seeing patients at the Andover Medical Practices on September 1.


The Annual Gala & Silent Auction will be held from 7 to 11 pm on Saturday, November 12 at the Wellsville Country Club. The donations for the auction are still coming in, but the items received so far include an Xbox Kinex system, a wicker porch set, Mikasa vases, Darien Lake passes, teddy bears, a newspaper subscription, a collection of books by Susan Williams Beckhorn, a giant stuffed dog and a pair of Christmas plates. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased from Lisa Sweet (585-596-4002), the JMH Gift Shop, INK, Steuben Trust Company or at the door.
According to event co-chairs Kathy Matacale and Ann Sobeck, auction items are still needed. If you would like donate an item or arrange for pickup, please contact Kathy at 585-593-1037.
The second major fundraising event this fall is the Auxiliary’s Country Fair. For over 30 years, the Country Fair has been a delightful tradition and this year is no exception. Set for Saturday, November 19 from 10 am to 5 pm at the Wellsville Elementary School, the Country Fair will include a variety of food and baked goods, used books, and knitted items. There will also be a basket auction, activities for children and Santa will stop by for a visit.
For more information on either the Gala or the Country Fair, stop in at the hospital Gift Shop or call Lisa Sweet at (585) 596-4002.


One of the highlights of the 10th Annual Jones Memorial Hospital Garden Reception, held the on August 7 at the hospital, was recognizing Clint and Samantha Gilkey for their years of dedicated service to both the hospital and the community. "Both Sammy and her mother, Cynthia Gridley, served as president of the board of directors," said CEO Eva Benedict. "But the family tie that makes this an extra-special event is the fact that Sammy is the great grand niece of hospital founder Gertrude Fassett Jones."
Now an annual event, the 1921 Associates Garden Reception started 10 years ago as a way for the hospital to thank those who support the facility with an annual gift of $250 or more. "I want to take a minute to thank you, our most dedicated donors, for continuing to support the hospital," said Board Chairman Gary Balcom. "Jones Memorial was established when two people left a legacy that was embraced by the community and resulted in the facility we are today. I look around and am proud that the tradition of giving that started with William and Gertrude Jones, our original Hometown Heroes, allows us to continue to grow and adapt to meet the changing needs of those we serve."
"Clint and Sammy have been long-time supporters of the hospital and active in many community organizations," said Eva Benedict, CEO at Jones. "I am very pleased to honor them for the part they play at Jones Memorial and in the greater Wellsville community."
Photo Caption: The 2011 JMH Associate of the Year award was given to Sammy and Clint Gilkey. Family members on hand to help them celebrate were, front left, Jenna Minges, Shawn Murphy, Sammy Gilkey, Clint Gilkey. Back from left, Shelia Murphy, Kevin Murphy, Daniel Murphy, Mary Minges and Christopher Minges.


WELLSVILLE, NY (May 25, 2011) - It was 90 years ago next month that the new Memorial Hospital in Wellsville opened its doors and accepted the first patients. On July 8, Jones Memorial Hospital is celebrating nine decades of caring for this community with an Emerald Founders Ball.
"In every sense of the word, Jones Memorial is a community hospital," said CEO Eva Benedict. "It was founded by two Wellsville residents and supported for the past nine decades by a generous community. We would not be the facility we are today without the continued support of those we serve."
Jones Memorial was founded in 1921, when Gertrude Fassett Jones made a bequest to the Village of Wellsville to establish a hospital in memory of both herself and her husband, William F. Jones. Mrs. Jones was ill for several years before she passed away on June 6, 1920 and it is generally believed that it was the time she spent as a patient which reinforced her decision to give the Village a permanent hospital.
The Emerald Ball is set for Friday, July 8 on the Terrace at the David A. Howe Public Library. Tickets are $25 per person. Semi-formal dress is requested.
"You only turn 90 once so we want the Founder's Ball to be a very special event," said Mrs. Benedict. "The Medical Staff is sponsoring a wonderful band out of Rochester." The band is Twilight, a multi-piece group that performs a variety of music ranging from Big Band and Jazz to Disco and Motown. The evening will conclude with a fireworks display, sponsored by Delphi Emergency & Hospitalist Services and Associated Radiologists of the Finger Lakes.
Tickets for the Founder's Ball are $25 each. They will be available at Celebrations!, Hamilton's Shoe Store, the Wellsville-Area Chamber of Commerce or by calling the JMH Administration Office at 585.596.4002.
"We hope that everyone can come out and celebrate 90 years of Jones Memorial Hospital - by coming to the Ball or just enjoying the fireworks with us," Mrs. Benedict added. "It is a very special birthday celebration!"


The Jones Memorial Hospital Auxiliary's 7th Annual Celebrate Summer Classic Golf Tournament is set for Friday, July 1, at the Wellsville Country Club.
The tournament is a 4-person scramble. "What is really nice about the scramble format is that it is fun for serious golfers as well as those who haven't picked up a club in years - or ever," said Co-Chair Jason Reynolds. "We are still looking for golfers and for local businesses and individuals who would like to be sponsors."
The cost of the tournament and complimentary dinner is $340 per four-person team or $85 per person. The fee includes a cart, 18 holes of golf and complimentary dinner. Members of the Wellsville Country Club pay $70 per golfer and $280 per team. If you want to come just for the dinner and awards ceremony, the cost is $15.
Sponsorship opportunities range from the $2,500 Hole in One Tournament Sponsor, to the Eagle level for $1000 and the Birdie level for $500, as well as Par sponsors for $250 and Tee sponsors for $100 and a cart sponsorship for $50.
"We are looking for golfers and sponsors to offset the cost of the tournament and make it a successful fundraiser for the Auxiliary," Mrs. Pearson noted.
If you would like a brochure or more information about how you can participate in this event, please contact Jason at 585-596-4060 or Jodi Pearson at 585-593-1100, ext 5333.


WELLSVILLE, NY (May 1, 2011) In a fitting conclusion to the annual Volunteer Week activities at JMH, an appreciation luncheon was held on Friday, April 29th.
According to Volunteer Coordinator Jodi Pearson, after a prime rib lunch, CEO Eva Benedict had a few remarks and thank yous. "Our auxilians and volunteers are wonderful ambassadors in the communities we serve," she said. "Their positive words and support of our institution are immeasurable and greatly appreciated." CFO Tracy Gates commended them for the important role the volunteers play in the service we provide our patients and their families.
Sue Nicol, VP of Human Resources, also expressed her appreciation for everything the volunteers do at JMH. Last year JMH volunteers gave a total of 10,608 hours. "That is the equivalent of just over five full time employees," Jodi said, noting that if you multiply the volunteers hours by the current minimum wage—with a percentage of benefits factored in—it is $96,957.12 in free labor!
"From the time our patients and their families enter the front door to the time they leave they come in contact with a volunteer in almost every department," she added. "Our volunteers are that extra personal touch of care and comfort that our patients feel when they visit our hospital. We could not provide the service we do without our volunteers; they are vital."
Awards were given to the volunteers who were this year’s members of the Over 500 Club. Volunteers who give a minimum of 500 hours in the calendar year are members of the Over 500 Club. This year’s 500 Club members, from left in photo, Kathryn Gilbert, Lyle Edwards, Edna Gigee, and Phil Mesler. All the volunteers also received their new smocks which were purchased by the Auxiliary.


WELLSVILLE, NY (May 1, 2011) -- Girl Scouts from the Andover troop #41019 and Troop #40871 are collecting old and worn out American flags until June 4. The collection is being done in conjunction with the Andover American Legion.
Three of the troop members and leader Christie Schweigart stopped by to leave a drop-off box at JMH recently. The box, located in the Emergency Department lobby, is the only one in the Wellsville area. The girls, from left, Michelle Schweigart, Leah Simon, and Livia Simon, will participate in a flag ceremony on Flag Day, June 14.
According to regulation, a flag that is in poor condition must be "destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning." If you have a flag that is looking a bit worn, a bit ragged, please bring it to the Jones ER and place it in the box for a dignified disposal.


Wellsville, NY (May 7, 20110 -- The Tobacco Cessation Center presented Mona Carbone of Jones Memorial Hospital with a 2011 Tobacco Cessation Center Recognition Award at the annual 2011 Tri-County Tobacco Coalition awards luncheon Monday. Mona is the Emergency Department Director at jmh and has worked closely with the Coalition's Tobacco Cessation Center. She was also instrumental in creating the Jones Memorial Smoking Cessation Program. Because of her work, Jones Memorial adopted tobacco cessation as part of its strategic plan. Mona also reached out beyond the hospital to create a coalition of AlleganyCounty agencies dedicated to reducing tobacco use throughout the county. The recent decline in tobacco use in Allegany County in large part because of her efforts.


The JMH Billing Department recently gathered clothing to donate to the families left homeless after the fire in Cuba. Looking over the donations are front, Beth Day, Amy Fanton, Tiff Slawson, Kim Shelp, Pam Spink, Sue Kays, Heather Vogel and Deanna Hallock. The clothing was taken to the Cuba Cultural Center and distributed among those in need.


You can access e-mail and the internet just about everywhere these days. From doughnut shops to the library, it seems WiFi is everywhere! And now, it’s also at Jones Memorial Hospital!
Patients and visitors can surf the web or instant message friends and family and stay connected while at the hospital. To access the complimentary Wi-Fi for patients and visitors, talk to your nurse.
So next time you are heading to The Jones, plan to bring your Wi-Fi enabled laptop or smart phone, set it to connect to the Jones Guest SSID and enjoy surfing the web while you wait for your appointment!


WELLSVILLE, NY (April 30, 2011) -- Under the direction of the P2 Collaborative of Western New York and the Western New York Healthcare Association, this program looks to improve both the quality and the safety of patient care. Led by nurses and called Aligning Forces for Quality Transforming Care at the Bedside, or AF4Q TCAB, it is part of a nationwide program funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). AF4Q TCAB engages nurses and other frontline staff to identify areas where care can be enhanced and test ways to improve it.
Also participating from WNY are: Brooks Memorial Hospital in Dunkirk, Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) in Buffalo, Kenmore Mercy Hospital, in Kenmore, Mercy Hospital and Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, Mount St. Mary’s Hospital and Health Center in Lewiston, and Sisters of Charity Hospital-St. Joseph Campus in Cheektowaga.
"Hospitals across Western New York are looking for models of reform, things that help local people get high-quality care and make the system work better for everyone," said Shelley Hirshberg, Executive Director of the P2 Collaborative of Western New York which is leading the AF4Q TCAB program. "The work of the nurses and other hospital staff participating in this program will result in proven methods for improving patient care, which means better quality and more satisfaction for everyone."
Through the AF4Q TCAB program, nurses and other frontline staff at participating hospitals will work together to identify, pilot test and adopt new practices over an 18-month period starting in January 2011. Participating nurses will then share their successes and lessons learned with other hospital staff across WNY, NYS and around the country.
According to Donna Bliven, VP of Patient Services at JMH, nurses work closest to the patient and have the unique vantage point of knowing how to improve the system to in order to provide safer, better quality care. Engaging nurses directly in quality improvement is a step in the right direction.
At JMH five nurses have gone through the training and form the initial TCAB team, focusing on Med/Surg. Communication has been identified as a problem at some levels, so the team came up with a pad to keep by the patient bed so that they can jot down questions and concerns they may have about their care.
"We are also considering how reports are done and equipment and supply storage," explained Mrs. Bliven. "The TCAB project is meant to empower nurses, improve the satisfaction of the staff and the patients." Keep an eye on the Pulse to see how the project is progressing. The Initial TCAB Team at JMH includes, from left, Donna Bliven, Betty Guinnip, Mary Ellen Austin, Melissa Deming and Tami Pinney.


WELLSVILLE, NY (March 1, 2011) -- March is colorectal awareness month. To bring awareness to this deadly disease, the New York State Health Department and the Cancer Services Program of Allegany and Cattaraugus County are lighting up Main Street in blue!
At JMH, everyone is encouraged to wear blue on March 4. The Cancer Services Program has asked several Main Street businesses to participate by decorating their windows and displaying posters. At Jones Memorial, all employees are encouraged to wear blue on March 4. In addition, the JMH Café will be featuring a Blue Plate Special to help bring awareness to this disease which kills some 4,000 New York State residents each year.
Colorectal cancer can be prevented or detected early through regular screening. New Yorkers can lower their risk of developing colorectal cancer by:

  • Getting Screened. Begin regular screening at age 50. If you have a personal or family history of colorectal cancer or colorectal polyps, or a history of another cancer or inflammatory bowel disease, talk to your health care provider about getting screened before age 50.
  • Eating healthy. Enjoy a low-fat diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains from breads, cereals, nuts and beans.
  • Kicking the habit. If you use tobacco, quit. If you don’t use tobacco, don’t start.
  • Skipping alcohol. If you use alcohol, drink only in moderation. Alcohol and tobacco in combination are linked to colorectal cancer and other gastrointestinal cancers.
  • Getting moving. Exercise for at least 20 minutes three to four days each week. Moderate exercise such as walking, gardening, or climbing may help reduce your risk for colorectal cancer.

If you are 50-64 without insurance, call the Cancer Services Program at 585-593-3873 to find out how you can get colorectal screening. ''Photo: Jim Cretekos, Mayor of the Village of Wellsville, is joined by Eva Benedict, CEO at Jones, in the ribbon cutting to kick off Colorectal Cancer Awareness Week.


The first baby born at Jones Memorial in 2011 is Abigale Lynn Watson, the daughter of James and Athena Watson and baby sister to Isabelle, 22 months. Making her entrance at 12:08 am on Sunday, January 3, Abigale weighed in at 7.5 pounds, was 19.75-inches long and has a full head of hair. Dr. Heather Lanphere is Athena’s doctor.
As the New Year’s Baby, Abigale and her family were given congratulations gifts by area merchants as well as from the hospital. The family lives in Wellsville and James is employed by Sav-A-Lot on the Bolivar Road.
"What a very happy occasion," said Donna Bliven, VP of Patient Care Services at Jones, presenting a gift bag to Athena. "Congratulations from everyone at JMH."


WELLSVILLE, NY (December 2010) -- Every year the Beta Sigma Phi Chapter of Xi Alpha Omicron has a secret sister gift exchange for Christmas. This year in lieu of buying gifts for each other the sorority sisters chose to donate to a local charity instead. The group chose JMH to be the recipient of their generosity. Members of the group donated new children’s DVD’s to be used by our pediatric patients. The sorority sisters hope that their gift will bring some comfort and joy to the children who are hospitalized at Jones Memorial Hospital.


WELLSVILLE, NY (December 2010) -- After so many years in the baby business, it was only a matter of time until Dr. Cliff Miller reached a rare milestone: providing care to four generations of the same family!. Darius Rossrucker made his appearance in early November, he was welcomed by Dr. Miller, just like his mother and grandmother were! Celebrating this occasion with Darius were, from left, his grandmother, Nykol McMichael; his mom, Tasha Rossrucker, Dr. Miller, and his great-grandmother, Barbara Hart Laub.

Emily Ewell Crowned JMH Auxiliary 2010 Queen

One of the highlights of the annual Jones Memorial Hospital Auxiliarys Gala & Silent Auction is the crowning of the Auxiliary Queen. It is a long-time tradition; each of the Auxiliarys Twigs and several community organizations sponsor a candidate to sell tickets to the Grand Raffle. The young lady who sells the most tickets is crowned the Auxiliary's Queen at the Gala.
This year, the honor went to Emily Ewell, who sold over $4,000 in tickets to the Grand Raffle. Coming in second was Jillian Short, followed by Karleigh Presutti. All together, the seven queen candidates brought in more than $11,000 for the JMH Auxiliary – a new record!
"It is incredible - especially in these tough economic times - that these young ladies were able to raise this amount of money," said Sylvia Masin, Auxiliary member and co-chair of the Grand Raffle. "We have a generous and supportive community and this is a dedicated group of young ladies." The winners of the Grand Raffle were Diane Baisch, first prize; Monica Finn, second prize; and Mike McCormick, third prize.
Photo Caption: Emily Ewell of Wellsville, center, was crowned during the JMH Auxiliarys Gala & Silent Auction for selling the most tickets to the Grand Raffle. Wellsville’s Jillian Short, left, came in second and Karleigh Presutti of Belmont took third place.

Healthy Families of Allegany County Get a Boost from JMH Employees

The thoughtful generosity of staff members at Jones Memorial Hospital will make the holidays a little brighter for the families enrolled in Healthy Families of Allegany County. Since October 18, hospital employees have been bringing in non-perishable food items, new toys and clothing for kids, and new blankets, towels, and bedding. Sponsored by the JMH Employee Activities Committee, the effort was successful beyond all expectations!
The idea for the Helping Hands for Healthy Families event came from EAC committee member Jeff Ely, Facilities Services Director at Jones. "My sister Polly is Family Support worker at Healthy Families of Allegany County and she was telling me about the need for food, bedding, towels and toys to distribute to the families – especially with the holidays right around the corner," he explained, adding that all of the items collected will be given to families in Allegany County. “So I brought it to the committee to see if there was anything we could do to help.”
The EAC organized the effort and supplied a prize as an added incentive: $150 in Wellsville Chamber Gift Certificates. Everyone who brought something in for the Healthy Families received a ticket in the drawing. The winning name was drawn by Susan Padden, Program Director of Healthy Families of Allegany County. The winner was Beth Cooke, RN.
"All I can say is wow and thank you so much," Ms. Padden said, after seeing the items collected. "This will be such a great help to so many of our families."
Healthy Families of Allegany County is a voluntary home visiting program for expectant and new parents that promotes parent/child interaction, self-sufficiency and encourages families to access community resources. Families can enter the program prenatally and up until the baby reaches the age of three months. There are four levels of home visit intensity provided until the child reaches the age of five, or attends preschool or Head Start. The program office is located at 234 North Union Street in Olean. For more information, contact the Healthy Families of Allegany County at 716-372-5987.
PHOTO CAPTION: Representatives from Health Families of Allegany County stopped by Jones Memorial Hospital recently to pick up the items collected in the Employee Activities Committee’s Helping Hands for Healthy Families effort. Accepting the gift from JMH Facilities Services Director Jeff Ely, right, left, HFAC Family Support Worker Polly Kiblin, HFAC Program Director Susan Padden, and HFAC Program Supervisor Shane Lehman.

Auxiliary's Major Fundraisers Set

More than falling leaves and dropping temperatures, November means it is time for two of the Jones Memorial Hospital Auxiliary's major fund raising activities: The Country Fair and The Gala & Silent Auction.
The Annual Gala & Silent Auction will be held from 7 to 11 pm on Saturday, November 13 at the Wellsville Country Club. The donations for the auction are still coming in, but with a laptop, a Kindle, a Pandora bracelet and an IPad with WiFi among the auction items, the 12th annual event is shaping up nicely. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased from Lisa Sweet (585-596-4002), the JMH Gift Shop, INK, Steuben Trust Company, Hamilton's Shoe Store and Hart's Jewelry or at the door.
The co-chairs of this year's event are Ann Sobeck and Kathy Matacale. Donations. "Items for the auction are still being collected, so it you would like to make a donation, or arrange for pickup, please call me at 585-593-1037," said Mrs. Matacale. "This is a very fun evening and I hope everyone can come out and support the Auxiliary and the hospital."
"We are very excited about the items that have been donated to the Silent Auction so far," added Ann Sobeck. "We have such a variety - from original art and pottery, to an Ipad and two Kindles, to tickets to a Sabres game and a baseball signed by Reggie Jackson – I am confident that everyone will find something they can’t live without."
The second major fundraising event is the Auxiliary's Country Fair. For over 30 years, the Country Fair has been a delightful fall tradition and this year is no exception. Set for Saturday, November 20 from 10 am to 5 pm at the Wellsville Elementary School, will include a variety of food and baked goods, used books, and knitted items. There will also be a basket auction and children can visit with Santa, make a frame at the craft table, or visit the bounce house.
A much-anticipated addition to the day's activities this year is the JMH Community Wellness Fair, held from 9 am to 1 pm. The stations, for those 18 and over, will include blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose screenings, bone density, flexibility and balance testing. Several other organizations will be participating, including the Allegany-Western Steuben Rural Health Network, Southern Tier Health Care System, Allegany County Health Department, Partners in Prevention, Allegany County Cancer Services, and many others. Pre-registration is not available and the screenings are available on a first come, first served basis.
For more information on either the Gala or the Country Fair, stop in at the hospital Gift Shop or call Lisa Sweet at (585) 596-4002.
PHOTO CAPTION: Co-Chairs of the JMH Auxiliary’s 2010 Gala & Silent Auction, Kathy Matacale, left, and Ann Sobeck, right are joined by committee member Beth Day recently to look at a few of the items which have been donated to the Silent Auction.

A Gift From The Rare Breed MC

Gordie Ordiway and Tom McFall of the Rare Breed Motorcycle Club stopped by Jones Memorial Hospital recently and presented CEO Eva Benedict with the proceeds of their 2nd Annual Labor Day Party. A public event held at the club's Alma Hill location over the Labor Day Weekend, this year the club raised $200 for Jones Memorial. "We certainly appreciate not only this check but all of your efforts in planning this event," she said. "Something like this takes a lot of time and effort to organize and we appreciate what you have done on behalf of Jones Memorial."

Literacy West Donates Childrens Books To Surgical Services

Becky Scott, left, of Literacy West NY, recently presented a big box of brand new, hardcover books for children to Sarah Reinschmidt, of the Jones Memorial Hospital Surgical Services Department. Literacy West NY is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting literacy and life-long learning among adults and children. According to Ms. Reinschmidt, the books are available in the surgical services waiting area for children. The children are also allowed to take the books home with them when they leave. Mrs. Scott, who explained that Literacy West NY receives the free books from The McGraw Hill Foundation, noted that additional books will be provided when this supply runs out. “We can't thank you enough for thinking of our patients and their families,” Ms. Reinschmidt said. “A good book can be very comforting in times of stress.”

Caring Hearts of the Southern Tier Make Pillowcases for JMH Pediatric Patients

Kathy Flint, left, and Mary Jo Vossler, members of the group Caring Hearts of the Southern Tier recently presented JMH with 20 pillowcases, handmade by group members in inscribed with a heart bearing the group's name. Caring Hearts has been making pillow cases for years and donating them to Strong Memorial Hosptial in Rochester. "This is the first gift to JMH, but we hope it will not be the last" said Donna Bliven, Vice President of Patient Care Services. "They are just beautiful and so appreciated by our patients." Each pediatric patient is given a pillowcase to take home when they are discharged.

PT for Pregnant Women Added to Rehab Services

With the hormonal and physical changes going on during pregnancy, many pregnant or postpartum women experience back and pelvic pain. The good news is that women do not necessarily have to suffer from this pain. The better news is that help is available at Jones Memorial Hospital.
JMH Rehab Services now include enhanced physical therapy services for pregnant and postpartum women. Shanna Winters PT, DPT, has been part of the JMH Rehab team for eight years and has successfully treated a wide variety of patients. Shanna is in the process of obtaining certification in various women’s health issues and has specific skills and knowledge to examine, diagnose, and treat musculoskeletal dysfunctions that affect women who are pregnant or post partum. “Women are often under the impression that back and pelvic pain are a part of pregnancy,” she explained. “Although it is common, women don’t necessarily have to suffer from this pain.”
Physical therapy intervention, according to Dr. Winters, can address many of the physiological changes that happen in a woman’s body during pregnancy that can lead to pain. Examples of these interventions may include pelvic and core stabilization, manual therapy, patient education, functional restoration and modalities. The services for postpartum and pregnant women will be expanded to include a special exercise and health education program for women and their infants. For more information on these new services, please contact Shanna Winters at 585-596-4011.

Berardi and Kulp Join JMH Board of Directors

Jones Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce that local businessman Mike Berardi and Nurse Anesthetist Barry Kulp have joined the JMH Board of Directors.

President of Giant Food Mart in Wellsville and Cuba, Mike Berardi is a resident of Wellsville. An avid runner, he has been involved in local youth sports for many years and keeps statistics for the high school football team. Mike is active in the business community and has served on both the Wellsville-area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and the Olean Wholesale Grocery Co-op Board. "I am proud and excited to be on the JMH board," he said. "I have had multiple opportunities to see the staff at Jones Memorial in action - from the birth of my three kids to my own emergency surgery to the care of both of my parents – and I am proud of our community hospital and pleased to be involved in making sure it is here for generations to come."

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Barry Kulp is part of the Southern Tier Anesthesiologists group. He and his wife, Kate, have three adult children and live in Wellsville. "My reasons for wanting to serve on the JMH Board are very selfish," he said. "I plan on being in Wellsville through my retirement and as a board member, I can help assure that JMH can provide for my family's healthcare needs. This community needs Jones Memorial Hospital."
Chaired by Gary Balcom, the board also includes Rich Shear, vice chair; Samantha Gilkey, treasurer; Mark Hunter, secretary; Rev. Marian Schneider, Willard Simons, DDS; Sharon Ash, Charles Joyce; Joseph Felsen, MD; Laura Greyson; and Robert Gilfert, DPM.

Eva Benedict Earns FACHE Accreditation

Eva Benedict, CEO at Jones Memorial Hospital, was recently named a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE).
"Fellow status represents achievement of the highest standard of professional development," said Gary Balcom, president of the JMH Board of Directors. "Only 7,500 healthcare executives hold this distinction and we are so proud that Eva is among this august company." To obtain Fellow status, candidates must fulfill multiple requirements, including passing a comprehensive examination, meeting academic and experiential criteria, earning continuing education credits and demonstrating professional/community involvement. Fellows are also committed to ongoing professional development and undergo recertification every three years.
Now in her third year in the top executive position at Jones Memorial, Mrs. Benedict has been part of the hospital family for over 25 years. She is also active in both the local and regional professional health community and is on the boards of !HomeCare & Hospice, Community Care of Western New York, the Southern Tier Healthcare System and Seagate Alliance. She is also Vice Chair of the Western New York Hospital Association, In addition to ACHE, her professional affiliations include the Healthcare Executive Forum of Western New York.
A native of the Bath area, Mrs. Benedict received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the State University of New York in Albany. She earned her Master of Science from St. John Fisher College in Rochester. She and her husband, Neil, have been Wellsville residents since 1981 and have two grown daughters, Meghan and Jillian.
As a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives and becoming a Fellow, Mrs. Benedict has demonstrated her commitment to Jones Memorial and those it serves. "Healthcare management ultimately affects the people in our communities," she said. "We have a wonderful administrative team in place here at Jones Memorial and a dedicated and committed staff. The standard of excellence promoted by the ACHE is one that we are committed to meeting or exceeding for our patients."
For more information regarding the FACHE credential, please contact the ACHE Division of Membership at (312) 424-9400 or, or visit the Credentialing area of


Four generations of the Joyce Family were honored at the 10th Annual JMH Associates Garden Reception on August 1st.
"The Joyce family has already created quite a legacy locally that reaches beyond the generosity they have bestowed on JMH," said Eva Benedict, CEO. "The Joyce Family name and the business enterprise of Otis Eastern are a presence at many initiatives, both large and small, throughout our local communities." The good deeds done by the Joyce family are many and often undocumented, she noted, adding "Thank you for all you do for Jones Memorial and the entire community."
Photo Caption: The Joyce Family was honored at the 1921 Garden Reception, including, front left, Melanie Jackson, Kylen Jackson, Lorrain Joyce,Charles H. Joyce, Molly Jackson Turner, Maeve Turner, Burt Turner and Josie Turner. Back row, left, Matt Jackson, Charlie Joyce, Sherry Walton, Cory Joyce, Tina Joyce, Mike Jackson, Richard Joyce and Cheryl Jackson.


A Memorial Garden to honor deceased JMH employees was recently dedicated before a crowd that included the family and friends of those it is dedicated to.
The Memorial Garden is located in the front of the hospital and includes a variety of annual and perennial plants as well as a water feature of the fish pond with fountain. There is also a bench and a stone walkway. "The planting was done by the departments of those who have lost someone in recent years," explained Eva Benedict, CEO at Jones. "We have created a peacefully serene sitting area where we can sit quietly and remember those we once worked beside." The garden is open to the public.
PHOTO CAPTION: The dedication ceremony for the JMH Memorial Garden was attended by the family and friends of several recently deceased members of the Jones Memorial Hospital family, including Pam Wheaton, who passed away in 2008. Attending in her honor were, from left, her goof friend Dan Frungillo, her parents, Bob and Pat Wheaton, brother-in-law Don Zajicek, her sister Kim Zajicek, and her nephews Dustin and Justin Zajicek.


Tradition is important to many families. It is something that is passed on from one generation to the next. For the Joyce Family of Andover, giving back to the community is a family tradition that stretches back over decades and continues today. In honor of that spirit of caring for the community, Jones Memorial Hospital has named The Joyce Family as the 1921 Associate of the Year.
"The Joyce Family have been major contributors to the Hospital for many years," said Eva Benedict, CEO at Jones Memorial. "Individually and as a group, the family continues to be among our most generous and committed donors." Headed by Charles H. and Lorraine Joyce, the family includes four children ? Charles P. (Sherry Walton), Richard (Tina), Cheryl Jackson (Michael Jackson) and Teresa ? as well as six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. As the family business ? Otis Eastern ? has grown, so has the family?s commitment to the communities in which they live and work. "Because they are usually quietly supporting local fundraisers and organizations behind the scenes, we are delighted that the family has accepted this both this honor and the public recognition of their generosity," Mrs. Benedict added. "It is our hope that everyone who can will be able to join us to thank the Joyce Family for their support of so many organizations in this community."
According to Mrs. Benedict, the 1921 Garden Reception is open to anyone who has made a gift between September 2009 and August 1, 2010 - the date of this year?s event. "This is a chance for the hospital to say thank you to our most committed donors and to honor someone they have chosen as especially dedicated," she said. Early each year, donors who have reached the $250 level or higher in the previous year are invited to nominate someone who has had a positive impact on the hospital and their community as the Associate of the Year.
Previous 1921 honorees are Margaret Mersereau, Mae Lauzze, Dr. Daniel Tartaglia, Dr. M. Keith Sale, Art VanTyne, Sylvia Masin, Joan Hand, Kathryn Gilbert, Dr. Kenneth VanDine, Dr. F. Clifton Miller, Dr. William Coch, and Kathryn and the late Conrad Church. If you would like information on how you can be a part of the festivities honoring the Joyce Family, contact Judy Burt or Lisa Sweet.
PHOTO CAPTION: Jones Memorial Hospital's Associate of the Year award for 2010 goes to the Joyce Family of Andover. Members gathered recently to celebrate mother's day with family matriarch Lorraine Joyce, seated in front. The family includes, from left, Tina, Richard and Cory Joyce; Mike and Cheryl Joyce Jackson; Sherry Walton, Charlie Joyce, Anna Joyce, patriarch Charles H. Joyce, Casey Joyce, Matt Jackson, Melanie Jackson, Molly Jackson Turner with Maeve Turner and Bert Turner with Josie Turner. Inset photo is Teresa Joyce.


Is there anything as warm and cozy as a newborn babe wrapped in a soft, flannel blanket? Thanks to a gift from The Quarter Inch Stitchers, a craft and quilt guild in Andover, babies at Jones Memorial Hospital will receive handmade quilted flannel blankets to keep them warm, cozy and wrapped up tight.
"These blankets are just beautiful," said Anne Geist, RN, Director of Maternal Services at Jones, third from right in the photo. "We are so grateful that the group thought of the maternity department to give them to!" Group member Patty Lamphier noted one of the inspirations for this particular gift is her granddaughter. Now a healthy eight-year-old, she was born prematurely and weighed only one pound 12 ounces.
The group, which meets on Wednesdays and on the third Monday of each month, handcrafts many different items. Their projects are for personal use or community projects, like the quilted flannel blankets.
CAPTION: Some of the group members were on hand to give the blankets to Mrs. Geist are, from left, Linda Adams, Evelyn Smith, Norma Rossman, Patty Lamphier, Anne Geist, Mary Cunningham, and Ruth Manske.


With 117 members donating an impressive number of hours and raising a remarkable amount of money, the Jones Memorial Hospital Auxiliary recently honored nine members for donating over 1,000 hours each in service to the hospital.
"The role of the Auxiliary has always been to support Jones Memorial Hospital," explained Kay Eicher, president of the Auxiliary. "This year, I am proud to say, we have collectively donated over 46,500 hours of service to Jones and as a result, we have been very successful in our efforts to raise money for the hospital." The auxiliary is able to raise the money they do through a number of fundraisers. In addition to the standards like the Country Fair, the Gala & Silent Auction, the auxiliary has expanded its fundraising opportunities to include new and used books sales, a take-out chicken barbecue, and costume jewelry sales.
"Using the proceeds from these events, the auxiliary is able to help us purchase items which are important, but not vital to patient care," explained Eva Benedict, CEO at Jones. This year, the list includes tables and chairs for the emergency department, chairs for waiting a number of hospital waiting areas, a new fryer for the cafeteria, hearing equipment for newborns, automated defibrillators for the Jones Memorial Medical Practices offices, stretchers for cataract surgery, and items needed to outfit the inpatient rehabilitation rooms.
"A simple thank you doesn't seem like enough to show our appreciation for everything the auxiliary does for JMH," said Mrs. Benedict. "They are inspiring, they are appreciated and they are so important to all of us at Jones Memorial."
Gary Balcom, president of the JMH Board of Directors, echoed Mrs. Benedict's sentiments. "The success of the auxiliary is the result of many individuals coming together to work for a common goal," he added. "Without them, many of these items might otherwise have to be delayed."
The members who were recognized for over 1,000 hours of services to JMH during the past year were, Kay Eicher, 6,175 hours; Marty Fuller, 1,503 hours; Kathryn Gilbert, 16,024 hours; Ruth Kling, 7,346 hours; Sylvia Masin, 5, 028 hours; Brenda Milligan, 1,500 hours; Phyllis Rigby, 1,050 hours; Joyce Wheaton, 1001 hours; and Hilda Whitney, 2,947 hours. Also recognized at the annual luncheon were Barbara Gordon of the Olive Twig and Caren Gibson and Joan Hand of the Hemlock Twig. JMH staff members Polly Helms and Luann Dixon were honored with a life membership in the Auxiliary for "going out of their way to help us when we needed it," said Mrs. Eicher. Also awarded Life Membership status was Ruth Kling.
In photo, front left, Kathryn Gilbert, Phyllis Rigby, Sylvia Masin. Back left, Joyce Wheaton, Kay Eicher, Hilda Whitney and Ruth Kling. Missing from the photo are Marty Fuller and Brenda Milligan, who also clocked over 1,000 hours serving JMH in the past year.


The Jones Memorial Hospital Rehab Department has expanded to include a weekly orthopaedic clinic, headed up by orthopaedic surgeon Terry Foust, DO.
A native of Coudersport, PA and a member of the medical staff at Charles Cole Memorial Hospital, Dr. Foust will see patients in the JMH Rehabilitation Services Department weekly, beginning April 8. Appointments can be made by calling (585) 596-4093.
Dr. Foust has a special interest in spine and trauma procedures. A graduate of Central PA College, Pennsylvania State University, and the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, he completed his internship and residency at Pinnacle Health System in Harrisburg. Before going to medical school, he worked as a physical therapist assistant. He is a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, American Osteopathic Association, American Osteopathic Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, and Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association.
"We are very excited to have Dr. Foust join our rehab team," said Brenda Szabo, Administrative Director of Diagnostics and Rehab at Jones Memorial. "He expands the range of orthopaedic services we can offer locally."
For more information or to make an appointment with Dr. Foust, contact the JMH Orthopaedic Clinic at (585) 596-4093.

Lauren Lynch Crowned JMH Auxiliary Queen

Wellsville, NY (November 16,2009) -- The eight young ladies vying for the title of JMH Auxiliary Queen sold more tickets to the annual Grand Raffle and raised more money than any other group of candidates since the tradition began 50 years ago.
According to organizers Kathryn Gilbert and Sylvia Masin, this year's candidates raised a total of $9,611. The top seller was Lauren Lynch, daughter of Terry and Reita Lynch of Wellsville. Lauren, who received her crown during the Auxiliary's Gala & Silent Auction, raised $2,494. Coming in second was Isabelle Raptis, daughter of Mike and Michelle Raptis of Wellsville, who raised $2,200. The third place recognition went to Julie Goodliff, daughter of Marietta and Greg Goodliff of Andover.
"This is the largest amount our queen candidates have ever raised, and I've been involved in this for over 30 years," said Sylvia Masin. For more information about the other candidates, click here. The Grand Raffle winner was also drawn during the Gala & Silent Auction and the top prize went to Teri Monroe of Wellsville.

Auxiliary Gala & Silent Auction November 14 at Wellsville Country Club

A giant teddy bear, a Keurig Coffee brewer, a handmade quilt, a Wii Fit System, Buffalo Bills tickets, pottery, handmade jewelry and four passes to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. These are just a few of the items that will be available during the JMH Auxiliary�s annual Gala & Silent Auction on Saturday, November 14. This year, the event has been moved back to the Wellsville Country Club. In addition to dancing to the music of the Jazz Ninjas, there will be an array of hors d�oeuvres and a cash bar.
This is one of the auxiliary�s major fundraisers. Most recently, proceeds from this event have been used to purchased new tile flooring for the main hallway and new seating for several areas. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at the door, from Lisa Sweet, or at the hospital gift shop. Looking over the auction items are members of the planning committee, left, Lisa Sweet, Ann Sobeck, and Nancy Lotter.

JMH Cardiac Rehab Re-Certified

Congratulations to the JMH Cardiac Rehab Program has been re-certified until 2012 by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.
Celebrating the certification are, from left, Administrative Director of Diagnostics and Rehab Brenda Szabo, Cardiac Rehab Coordinator Denise Richardson, and Cardiac Rehab Nurse Maureen Lewis. "Denise did an excellent job on the extensive application," noted Brenda. "The Association has strict standards for certification and it has been quite a job getting the application in order."

Diabetes Center Recertified by American Diabetes Association

The Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center at Jones Memorial Hospital has been recertified by the American Diabetes Association.
A collaboration between the Wellsville Lions Club and the hospital, the recertification means that the Diabetes Center continues to meet the national standards for diabetes self management and education. Celebrating the recertification are Brenda Torrey, RN, a Certified Diabetes Educator and insulin pump trainer, right, and Wilma Stewart, Dietician.
"Applying for certification was voluntary but in order to be ADA certified," Mrs. Torrey explained, "We had to meet specific criteria, provide and document standards of service, and track patient outcomes. The whole process gives us a national standard by which to measure our progress."
Maintaining ADA certification means that many of the services offered by the Diabetes Center � including the 4-week Diabetes Self-Management Classes and point of care testing � will continue to be covered by most health insurances. For specifics on your coverage, check with your provider.
The Diabetes Center offers on-site testing such as A1C, lipids, urine micro albumin, and a retinal camera. For more information, contact your healthcare provider or call 585 596 5035.

Ultrasound Now Available at JMH Medical Practices on Main Street

WELLSVILLE, NY (October 27, 2009) � The Jones Memorial Medical Practices Women�s Health Services has been expanded to include a full-time, on-site 3D/4D ultrasound.
Staffed by ultrasound technologists and located at 127 North Main Street, the new site includes digital ultrasound equipment, a special ultrasound exam table and a 32-inch flat screen monitor. According to Carrie Walker, JMH Medical Imaging Director, the room was designed with the needs of all women in mind. "Ultrasound is used for abdominal and vascular imaging as well as Women�s Health," she said. "The digital images are consistently high quality, which is important both as a tool for diagnosis and, for OB patients, as a first look at their baby."
While having an ultrasound room right down the hall is more convenient than having to go to another site for the test, the benefits of being located in the same building go beyond that. "The close proximity means that if a concern is identified during a visit," Mrs. Walker explained, "The provider can order an ultrasound exam and it can be addressed immediately."
For more information about digital ultrasound or to make an appointment, call the Medical Imaging Department at (585) 596-4013 or talk to your healthcare provider.
PHOTO CAPTION: Rallying around the new ultrasound room are, front left, Lu-Ann Kaye, MD, Family Practice with OB; Nurse Midwife Robin Aftuck, CNM; Heather Lanphere, MD, OB/GYN; Ultrasound Tech Arielle Szabo;Ultrasound Tech Amanda Kinney, and Ultrasound Tech Amanda Katie Santos.

Rare Breed Motorcycle Club

WELLSVILLE, NY (September 29, 2009) � Bob Garrison, right, and Gordon Ordiway of the Rare Breed Motorcycle Club stopped by Jones Memorial Hospital recently and presented CEO Eva Benedict, center, with the proceeds of their first "Labor Day Get Together."
Held at the club's Alma Hill location, the event � which included a variety of motorcycle games and three bands - brought out about 300 motorcycle enthusiasts and raised $300 for Jones Memorial. "Motorcycle Clubs get a lot of bad press so we decided to do something that positive that would help the community," explained Mr. Garrison. "The hospital takes care of us when we need it, so we wanted to do something to help take care of it."
According to Mrs. Benedict, the funds will be used to purchase a new video camera for general hospital for recording in-services and presentations. "We certainly appreciate not only this check but all of your efforts in planning this event," she said. "Something like this takes a lot of time and effort to organize and we appreciate what you have done on behalf of Jones Memorial."

Dr. Kaye Recertified By American Board of Family Practice

WELLSVILLE, NY (September 10, 2009) � Jones Memorial Hospital is delighted to announce that Dr. Lu-Ann Kaye has successfully completed the American Board of Family Medicine�s Recertification Exam.
A member of the JMH medical staff, Dr. Kaye provides family practice with obstetrical care at the Women and Children�s Health Services on Main Street, part of the Jones Memorial Medical Practices. Her busy practice is limited to women of childbearing age and their children.
To achieve this certification, Dr. Kaye had to complete 300 hours of continuing medical education over the past six years and complete a comprehensive one-day, written exam. This exam, which tested cognitive knowledge and problem-solving abilities, included subjects ranging from adult care to community medicine to care of newborns, children, and adolescents. The test also included maternity and gynecological care, care of the older patient, human behavior and mental health, and care of the surgical patient.
Congratulations Dr. Kaye!

Wine Tasting Nets Over $2,000

WELLSVILLE, NY (September 10, 2009) � "Successful beyond our expectations!" With these words Denise Hart and Pat Balcom of Hart's Jewelry summed up the recent Wine Tasting and Hors D'oeuvres fundraiser they organized for Jones Memorial Hospital.
Together with five other Main Street merchants, Hart's Jewelry arranged an evening of snacking, shopping and wine tasting that brought out over 80 people. For $25, participants purchased a special wine glass at one of the participating locations. Once the glass was purchased, a free wine tasting and finger foods were available at each of the six locations. In addition to Hart's Jewelry, the participating sites were Fisher's Pharmacy & The Other Side, Uptown Jam, The Vogue Shop, Trend Addictions and Hamilton's Shoe Store.
"Actually, this gift couldn�t come at a better time," said Eva Benedict, CEO at Jones. "We recently began providing ultrasound services at our Women and Childrens Health Services office on Main Street and will use these funds to purchase a dedicated ultrasound bed for that office."
According to Carrie Walker, Medical Imaging Manager for JMH, the new ultrasound bed will be different from a traditional stretcher because "it includes modifications for the special needs of obstetrical patients and for women who are not pregnant," she said. "Using this type of bed is more comfortable for the patient and more conducive to the exams."
Thanking both the merchants who took part in the event and the community members who attended, Mrs. Benedict noted "the support of those we serve has been an important part of Jones Memorial since the beginning. We continue to exist and to grow because of the support of our community." For more information about how you can support Jones Memorial Hospital, contact Judy Burt at (585) 596-4050.

Ribbon Cutting Celebrates Completion of ER Renovations

WELLSVILLE, NY (August 13, 2009) � Sunshine and smiles marked the ribbon cutting ceremony held at Jones Memorial Hospital today to celebrate the completion of the renovations to the Emergency Department.
Senator Cathy Young, who was instrumental in obtaining a $250,000 grant from the Community Capital Assistance Program, was on hand to congratulate JMH on a job well done. "I am glad I could support this effort," she said. "Rural healthcare is more crucial than ever before and this project speaks volumes about how much the community supports Jones Memorial."
According to ER Nurse Coordinator Mona Carbone, patient confidentiality, safety and efficiency were important considerations in the renovations. "In addition to everyone else, I would like to thank the community for their patience while we were under construction," she said. "There were days when we were down to two beds and we really appreciate the understanding of both the patients and the providers."
In addition to the CCAP grant obtained by Sen. Young, other major donations to the project came from The Margaret L. Wendt Foundation, $150,000; Charles Joyce and Sherry Walton, $30,000; the BP Petroleum Foundation, $25,000; and Otis Eastern, $25,000. "The Auxiliary donated all the furniture in the waiting areas," noted Eva Benedict, CEO. "During the 2008 Annual Fund Drive, we received more than $107,000 from our staff and community."
Following the ribbon cutting, Mrs. Carbone gave those interested a tour of the newly renovated areas. In addition to a new entrance, vestibule and expanded waiting area, the triage and registration areas were enlarged. The nurses station was modified for privacy and new windows were installed, making the waiting room visible from the ER. Other changes were a bigger medication room and the addition of an observation room for behavioral health patients. "Everything was done with patient safety, patient privacy and patient flow in mind," Mrs. Carbone said. "These changes support all three."
For more information on how you can support Jones Memorial Hospital, contact Judy Burt, Community Relations Director, at (585) 596-4050.
PHOTO CAPTION: The official ribbon cotton ceremony for the Emergency Department was a major celebration at Jones Memorial Hospital. Sharing the moment are, from left, Jones CEO Eva Benedict, board members Sharon Ash and Samantha Gilkey, ER Nurse Manager Mona Carbon, Senator Cathy Young, Emergency Department Medical Director Frank Edwards, MD, and, representing the Delphi Emergency Group, Dr. Jay Ellie.

Hometown Heroes Wanted!

A hero, so they say, is an everyday person who can change the world. A Hometown Hero? is someone who supports Jones Memorial Hospital�s 2009 Annual Fund Drive.
With the return of full time orthopedic services to Jones Memorial Hospital, the focus of the Annual Fund Drive this year is the surgical services department. This year, the campaign will also include a retail initiative that invites everyone to be a Hometown Hero? and make a gift to JMH. At right, Mike Berardi, of the Giant Food Mart, was one of the leaders in kicking off this initiative. Joining him at the organizational meetings were Rich Shear of Hamilton's Shoe Store and James Knapp of Community Bank, NA.
In the early 1920s, William and Gertrude Jones left their home and a $30,000 endowment to the Village of Wellsville for the purpose of starting a community hospital. "They were our original Hometown Heroes, kicking off a long tradition of community support," said Eva Benedict, CEO at Jones Memorial. "A strong healthcare facility is important to maintaining a healthy community."
"Our goal this year is to raise $100,000 for equipment for the Surgical Services Department."
While the Annual Fund will continue until September 1, the Hometown Heroes retail portion will kicked off on June 15 and will continue through July 6. The participating Hometown Heroes? locations are: Community Bank, Hamilton�s Shoe Store, Giant Food Mart, The Beef Haus, Better Days Pub & Eatery, Steuben Trust Company, !LaGra Salon & Day Spa, The Texas Hot, Salon Visage, Short�s Deli, L�Italia, the Belfast Mini Mart and First Citizens National Bank. All locations will display a Hometown Heroes Banner.
"It is a simple idea and one I�m sure most people are familiar with," explained Judy Burt, Community Relations Director at Jones. "When shopping at our Hometown Heroes locations, you will be invited to support Jones Memorial with a $1, $5 or $10 donation and sign a card that will be posted for the duration of the campaign." These cards may be signed in honor or in memory of someone.
In the recent years, the Jones Memorial Hospital Annual Fund Drives have helped to fund the new Sleep Disorder Center and much-needed renovations to the Emergency Department.
"This initiative encourages those who can�t make a larger gift the opportunity to support the hospital in whatever way they can," explained Mrs. Benedict. "JMH was founded through the caring commitment of two people and sustained with the continued support of those it serves."
Any gift over $250 will enroll you in the JMH Associates at the 1921 Associates level. This year, the honorees at the annual JMH Garden Reception in August will be Kathryn and the late Conrad Church of Andover, generous supporters - and Hometown Heroes - of Jones Memorial and the surrounding communities.
For more information, contact Judy Burt at (585) 596-4050 or by email.

CT Accredited by American College of Radiology

The Medical Imaging Department at Jones Memorial Hospital has something to celebrate after the American College of Radiology (ACR) awarded JMH a three-year accreditation in CT.
"We started the accreditation process in September," said Carrie Walker, Administrative Director of Medical Imaging at JMH. "The decision to seek accreditation is voluntary and is not easily obtained, but we felt it was a very worthwhile goal that our patients will benefit from."
To attain accreditation, CT clinical images and phantom images were submitted to ACR along with documentation of JMH protocols for evaluation. After the ACR completed their review of the submitted information Jones was awarded accreditation for achieving high standards. "The evaluations are conducted by two board-certified radiologist and two medical physicists who are experts in the field," Mrs. Walker said. "The ACR CT Accreditation Program has very strict criteria that we must pass to achieve the certification."
Another advantage to seeking accreditation, according to Mrs. Walker, is that the comprehensive report the ACR puts together about the facility may document a need for dedicated equipment, for continuing education, or for qualified personnel. "Medicare and other payers have enacted reimbursement policies that may require accreditation in the near future," she added. "Achieving ACR accreditation demonstrates our commitment to quality patient care. Patients and physicians can be confident that the CT scans done at Jones Memorial will meet national standard."
For more information, contact Mrs. Walker at (585) 596-4013 or by email.

Kathryn & Conrad Church to be Honored at Garden Reception

Kathryn and the late Conrad Church have been named the 1921 Associates of the Year. They will be honored at the annual 1921 Associates Garden Reception on Sunday, August 2 at 313 North Main Street in Wellsville.
Born and raised in Andover, Conrad Church attended the University of Alabama. While a student, he met classmate Kathryn Jones. They married a year after graduation in 1939. Returning to Andover, Conrad worked as the manager of Silvers Store in Wellsville until WWII. After serving in the Army, he returned to Silvers for a short time and then became a life insurance agent. In 1956, Conrad and two partners opened the Genesee Valley Nurseries. The couple has three children, Anne Church, Hugh Church, and Susan Church-Jamesson.
When Conrad passed away in 2002, Kathryn continued to be a generous supporter of the many local charities and organizations they gave to as a couple, including Jones Memorial, Andover Central School, her church, and the University of Alabama.
"During the 60-plus years Kathryn and Conrad Church were married, they constantly gave back to their community in so many ways," said Eva Benedict, CEO at JMH. "Because of Kathryn's generosity and her dedication to continuing what they started together, that legacy continues to this day. I am very happy to be honoring them both as the JMH Associate of the Year."
According to Mrs. Benedict, the Garden Reception is an opportunity to say thank you to JMH donors. "Our donors are very important to us," she said. "The people we honor at this gathering � both the Associate of the Year and the donors - understand how important this hospital is to the health of our community and how important they are to the future of Jones Memorial."
The annual Garden Reception honors donors who have given $250 or more to the Hospital in a year.
For more information about the 1921 Associates or any of the other giving opportunities available at Jones Memorial Hospital, please contact Community Relations Director Judy Burt, at 585-596-4050 or by email Past honorees include Margaret Mersereau, Mae Lauzze, Dr. Daniel Tartaglia, Dr. M. Keith Sale, Art !VanTyne, Sylvia Masin, Joan Hand, Kathryn Gilbert, Dr. Kenneth !VanDine, Dr. F. Clifton Miller and Dr. William Coch.

Moms Club Donation Results in Broselow Bag

The Moms Club of Wellsville donated the proceeds of their annual Fat Tuesday Chocolate Buffet to JMH. Combining that gift with one from the JMH Auxiliary, the hospital purchased a Broselow Bag, a pediatric resuscitation system that has all the information and equipment needed for in a color coded, easy-to-use kit. Med/Surg Nurse Manager Betty Guinnip and ICU Director Scott Swift, on left in the photo, show the contents to Moms Club President Lori Brandes and Treasurer Kate Rahr. In front are Tiernee Brandes and Bryce Rahr.

Dr. Zambrano Joins JMH Medical Practices

WELLSVILLE, NY (April 1, 2009) -- JMH Medical Practices is delighted to welcome Dr. Ra�l Zambrano? to the 15 Loder Street office. Dr. Zambrano is assuming the patients who had been affiliated with Dr. Siddiqui.
Board certified in Family Medicine, Dr. Zambrano comes to Wellsville from Walden, New York where he was the Medical Director at Hudson River Healthcare. New patients are welcome to establish with Dr. Zambrano. To make an appointment, please call his office at 585-596-4123.

Community Action Angels Donates Comfort Kits to JMH Emergency Room

WELLSVILLE, NY (April 1, 2009) -- Providing comfort to children is the reason behind the ACCORD Corporation�s Book, Blanket, Buddy kits. Kay Eicher, left, JMH Auxiliary president and member of ACCORD�s Advisory Board, recently delivered a supply of the kits to the ER. Accepting the packets, were ER Nurse Manager Mona Carbone and ER Physician Dr, Larry Torpey.
"Our goal is to provide some small comfort to children who are experiencing trauma in their lives," explained Mrs. Eicher, "Whether it is a domestic dispute, a house fire, or in this case, a trip to the Emergency Department." The kits were assembled by ACCORD Community Action Angels volunteers. "Some of the books are appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers, while others are appropriate for older age groups," said Mrs. Eicher. Kits have also been given to other Emergency Responders throughout Allegany County. For more information, contact Accord's Dave Crowley at 268-7605.

Dresser Rand Completes Wonderful Beginning Pledge

WELLSVILLE, NY (March 31, 2008) � Five years ago, Dresser-Rand pledged $50,000 to Jones Memorial Hospital�s Wonderful Beginnings Capital Campaign. Recently, Clifford C. Cameron, left, the Human Resources Manager for Dresser Rand in Wellsville, stopped by the hospital to deliver the final payment on that pledge. �Dresser Rand played a major role in making our state-of-the-art maternity suite a reality,� said Mrs. Benedict. �This pledge was a commitment to the future of healthcare in this community and for that, we thank you.� The Wonderful Beginning Capital Campaign resulted in a complete renovation of the Maternity Unit at JMH into private birthing suites. For a closer look, take a virtual tour of the Maternity Unit!

Local Curves Holds Fundraiser for JMH Cardiac Rehab

WELLSVILLE, NY (March 10, 2009) -- What better place to have a fundraiser in conjunction with the American Heart Association�s annual Go Red For Women campaign than at Curves, a fitness club for women! Curves owner Carol Dodge, right, made a heart-themed afghan and then held a raffle it off among Curve members. To keep the money raised local, she decided to donate it to the Jones Memorial Hospital Cardiac Rehab program. Denise Richardson, the JMH Cardiac Rehab nurse, was happy to accept the generous donation. She plans to purchase more education materials for patients because exercise and education go hand in hand when it comes to heart health. The winner of the quilt was Deb Perry

Annual Fund Drive Targets Sleep Study Center

At one time or another, nearly everyone has trouble sleeping. It's a familiar scenario: The stresses of the day accompany you to bed, where you spend precious hours tossing and turning until the sun comes up in the morning. For most of us, occasional insomnia is probably nothing to worry about. For others, a good nights sleep is a rare event and can be indicative of sleep disorders.
For some 40 million Americans, quality sleep is hard to come by. Sleep studies � which look at the quality of sleep � are one way to identify the causes and help individuals get back to sleeping. In 2009, Jones Memorial Hospital will begin offering sleep studies at the hospital. The annual fund drive, now underway, will be used to renovate space on the third floor into comfortable, home-like bedrooms.
Physician surveys and community interest have both indicated the necessity of opening sleep center in Wellsville. "A sleep center has been part of our strategic plan for the past few years," explained Donna Bliven, Administrative Director of Patient Care Services at Jones Memorial. "Not only do our community members presently go outside the area for sleep studies, but our medical staff has indicated that they would utilize this service if it were available here."
The first step toward a local sleep center is renovating the space. �We have two rooms on the third floor that we are planning on dedicating as a sleep center,� Mrs. Bliven said. "The 'home-like' atmosphere is important because people are more likely to have their typical night's sleep." Renovations will include real beds � not hospital beds � as well as other bedroom furniture, artwork, and lamps that reflect the home-like setting.
According to Mrs. Bliven, the hospital will contract for sleep study services with a sleep study provider that will assure compliance with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine standards. This group would provide all staff and equipment needed to do the sleep studies.
Once it is up and running, the sleep center would be available by physician referral on an as needed basis. "By contracting with one of the sleep study firms, we can utilize their expertise and staffing to get this service up and running," she said. According to Mrs. Bliven, sleep studies are generally easy to tolerate, comfortable for patients, and give the physician the information needed to accurately diagnose and treat the sleep disorder. "The primary care provider can use a sleep study to rule out conditions like sleep apnea," she said. For more information or to make a donation to the Sleep Center at Jones Memorial Hospital, please contact Judy Burt at (585) 596-4050.

JMH Coders Recognized With Top Honors

The medical coders at Jones Memorial Hospital were recently recognized by Ingenix, a leading health information, technology and consulting company, for accuracy and completeness in the medical coding used to bill Medicare for inpatient medical services. The JMH coders were ranked 29 out of 50 rural, non-teaching facilities in the nation.
According to Shelly Harris, Health Information Management Director at JMH, remaining compliant and ensuring reimbursement are the two major goals medical coders have. "Ingenix releases an annual list of the top coding hospitals in the US," she explained. "With so many new rules, regulations, and coding requirements, hospitals find it more difficult than ever to balance the need to remain compliant with the need to optimize reimbursement. I am so proud that this team has been recognized for their efforts to meet these goals." The JMH Medical Coders also received this award in 2006.
Using more than 50 indicators that point to coding excellence, the Top 200 Report identifies hospitals that have adapted best to CMS updated policies, reduced payment for hospital acquired conditions and increased pressure for correct coding by way of the Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC) program.
"This is a national report that ranks major and minor teaching hospitals, urban non-teaching hospitals and rural hospitals by recognizing those who have the most complete and compliant coding practices," Mrs. Harris explained. "Not only did we come in at the top 30, but as one of only two hospitals in New York State to make the list." Congratulations on this prestigious award ladies!

JMH Nurse Certified As Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner

WELLSVILLE, NY (November 16, 2008) � Susan Searl, RN, the Staff Development Director at Jones Memorial Hospital has been certified as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) by the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN). She is the only nurse in Allegany County to be SANE certified.
To achieve the certification, Mrs. Searl completed a 40 hour training program as well as 40 hours of supervised clinical competency. She has been working on this certification for one year.
As a SANE nurse, she has been trained in the care of sexual assault victims. In the case of suspected sexual assault, Mrs. Searl will provide the initial physical and behavioral assessment, collect clinical specimens and provide interventions for victims of sexual assault. "Simply put," she explained, "I come in and do the medical workup and sexual assault exam, collect and document the evidence and make sure all evidence follows the legal chain of custody with law enforcement." In addition, she will testify if necessary at trial. As a SANE nurse, she will also provide pregnancy, HIV and STD tests and - with physician approval - dispense appropriate medications. "Because a basic care provider is trained to meet the needs of sexual assault victims, patient privacy and safety are increased," she added, noting that annual competency exams and continuing education are required to maintain certification.
Mrs. Searl's training was provided through Southern Tier Health Care System, Inc.(STHCS) with a New York State grant. STHCS Chief Executive Officer Donna Kahm will be working with the area hospitals and police departments to promote a consistent approach to handling sexual assault cases in Allegany and Cattaraugus counties.

Allegany Eye Foundation Comes Through Again!

WELLSVILLE, NY (November 13, 2008) � Allegany Eye Foundation President Gary Enderle, right, stopped by for a look at the latest piece of eye equipment the group purchased for use at JMH. Ophthalmologist Dr. Kurt Benham and OR Director Sue Thomas expressed appreciation to the Foundation for the new astigmatome. Used during cataract surgery, the new equipment makes precise and accurate cuts for astigmatism correction simply and safely. "This is a great advance in cataract surgery," said Dr. Benham. "We are all so grateful to the Allegany Eye Foundation for their continued support." Operating strictly on unsolicited donations and gifts, the Allegany Eye Foundation was set up as a vehicle for people who want to contribute to ophthalmology equipment at Jones Memorial Hospital. "Before the Foundation was established, there was no formal way for people to designate that gifts be used to purchase eye equipment at Jones Memorial," explained Mr. Enderle. "We work with the doctors and rely on them to tell us what equipment they need." For more information about the Allegany Eye Foundation or to make a donation, please contact Eric Vossler at Allegany Eye Associates, (585) 593-6041.

Dr. Sakr Offers Less Invasive Surgical Procedures

WELLSVILLE, NY (October 30, 2008) � A surgery that offers lower risk of surgical complications and a shorter recovery time? Now that is a procedure worth talking about! Jones Memorial Hospital has invested in equipment and resources in two procedures that fit that description: balloon sinusplasty and subcapsular tonsillectomy.
The balloon sinusplasty widens the sinus openings without removing any bone or tissue in the nasal cavity. "Unlike traditional endoscopic sinus surgery, there are no complications or injuries to the eye or the brain," Dr. Sakr explained. "Pain is minimal and most patients can go back to work the day after surgery." With two years of data to go by, the balloon sinusplasty has virtually the same satisfaction rate of that the endoscopic surgery has.
Dr. Sakr has been performing balloon sinusplasty for over two years � the past two months at Jones Memorial - and has done over 700 sinuses. He is one of the few surgeons who can perform this procedure on children.
"Dr. Sakr is one of the most skilled and most experienced balloon sinusplasty surgeons in the country," said Harish Harpalany, the balloon technical specialist in the OR during Dr. Sakr's sinusplasty surgeries. "His average of less than 0.3 minutes of x-ray use per sinus is well below the national expert average of 0.8. His last few cases at Jones � including a four-year-old � have averaged 0.1 min per sinus." The short x-ray exposure is extremely important for the safety of both the patients and OR staff.
Another surgery Dr. Sakr performs at Jones Memorial is the subcapsular tonsillectomy. An alternative to the traditional total tonsillectomy, this procedure reduces the size of the tonsils, instead of cutting them out completely. "It is less painful because the capsule is preserved," he said. "The nerve and big arteries are behind the capsule, so this surgery also involves less bleeding." The recovery time for both tonsil procedures is about a week, but pain and bleeding are less with the subcapsular procedure. A surgeon for over 25 years, Dr. Sakr specializes in sinus and cancer surgery and is an assistant professor at the University of Rochester. He performs surgeries in Wellsville on Wednesdays and �loves to work with the Operating Room staff at Jones Memorial.� For more information about either of these procedures, contact Dr. Sakr�s office at (585) 335-6034.

Auxiliary Hosts Major Fundraising Events in November

WELLSVILLE (October 8, 2008) � More than falling leaves and dropping temperatures, November means it is time for two of the Jones Memorial Hospital Auxiliary�s major fund raising activities: The Country Fair and The Gala & Silent Auction.
The 10th Annual Gala & Silent Auction will be held from 7 to 11 pm on Saturday, November 8 at the David A Howe Public Library. In addition to refreshments and music by The Jazz Ninjas, the evening features a silent auction of items including handmade quilt, an Adirondack bench, a wrought iron candle tree, and Tiffany-style balloon lamp. Tickets are $25, are available from Lisa Sweet at 596-4002, in the hospital gift shop, or at the door on the evening of the Gala. A cash bar will be available.
The co-chairs of this year�s event are JMH employees Kathy Matacale and Ann Sobeck.. Donations for the auction are still being accepted. If you would like more information, contact Kathy at 585-593-0137 or Lisa Sweet at (585) 596-4002.
On Saturday, November 15 from 9 am to 6 pm at the Wellsville Elementary School, the Auxiliary will host the Country Fair, a Wellsville tradition for over 30 years.
In addition to a basket raffle, the Fair includes a visit from Santa, and booths with a variety of food and baked goods, used books, knitted items and handmade crafts.
In addition, Jones Memorial Hospital clinical staff will be on-hand with blood pressure checks and glucose screenings. Other JMH staff members will be overseeing the children�s craft table, where every child will is welcome to have a photo taken and make an ornament to bring home.
For more information on either the Gala or the Country Fair, stop in at the hospital Gift Shop or call Lisa Sweet at (585) 596-4002.

Getting Ready for the Country Fair!

Students in Mark Corwine�s art class at Wellsville High School designed posters for the Auxiliary Country Fair this year. Judged by local artist Tom O�Grady, first place went to Rebecca Williams. Here, auxiliary member Nora Zinner puts the first place blue ribbon on the poster submitted by Rebecca Williams. The second place ribbon went to Ashley Pratt and Hilary Briggs came in third place. All the posters were judged beautiful and will be used to advertise the Country Fair, which is set for Saturday, November 15

Wellsville Native Heather Lanphere Joins JMH Medical Practices

OB/GYN with special training in Urogynecology

WELLSVILLE, NY (July 10, 2008) �For many fathers, having your child join you in your profession is the American Dream. For Dr. Cliff Miller - obstetrician, gynecologist and pediatrician - that dream is about to come true.
Dr. Miller, left, will welcomed his daughter, Dr. Heather Lanphere, right, as a partner in his office in the Jones Memorial Medical Practices in Wellsville. Dr. Lanphere and Dr. Miller will both see patients - along with our other women�s health providers at the Women�s Health Services Building on North Main Street in Wellsville.
Dr. Lanphere, also an obstetrician/gynecologist, grew up observing the busy life and erratic schedule that comes with delivering babies. "I remember my father being called out at all hours," she said, noting that seeing the joy and the pride that Dr. Miller has in his profession was a major factor in choosing it as her own. "To be able to work with an experienced physician that I respect is a privilege, that he is my father is a special bonus."
In addition to her OB/GYN experience, Dr. Lanphere has additional training in urogynecology, a specialty area that deals with women�s urology and pelvic problems. "The most common disorders treated by a urogynecologist are incontinence, weakening of the pelvic muscles, and overactive bladder," Dr. Lanphere explained. "Incontinence can affect women of all ages and is more common as women get older, but it is not an inevitable part of aging and there are a number of treatment options."
A graduate of Wellsville High School, Dr. Lanphere received her medical degree from the University Of Vermont College Of Medicine. She most recently completed a residency in OB/GYN at University of Louisville in Kentucky.
"My father is an amazing doctor and I couldn�t ask for a better mentor," she said. "I am looking forward to working with him for many years."
Appointments with Dr. Lanphere may be made by calling her office, 585 596-4091.

Dr. William Coch Named JMH Associate of the Year!

WELLSVILLE, NY (May 16, 2008) � Long-time local physician Dr. William Coch has been named the Jones Memorial Hospital 1921 Associate of the Year! Dr Coch will be honored at the annual 1921 Associates Garden Reception, traditionally held on the first Sunday in August on the lawn of the Bradley Holbrook Medical Building, 313 North Main Street in Wellsville.
A member of the JMH Medical Staff with a private practice in Andover for over 30 years, Dr. Coch and his wife, Carla, have two sons, Julian and Reilly, as well as three grandchildren. Dr. Coch came to Andover in 1975 as part of the National Health Service Corps to provide medical care to an underserved area. A native of Northport, NY, Dr. Coch attended medical school in Cleveland. It was during his post graduate training at the University of Vermont that he met Dr. F. Clifton Miller, who convinced him to come to Allegany County. He and Dr. Miller came for a visit on Thanksgiving in 1974. "When we got here, I found the people friendly, the need great, the county beautiful and the opportunities limitless," he said of that visit.
Dr. Coch and his family savor the joys of rural life including gardening and small scale farming. "We try to be good stewards of our land," he said, noting that they also support and enjoy the rich cultural life of Allegany County. He is a guitar picker and yodeler and performs regularly with the Quigg Hollow Band.
Previous 1921 Associate of the Year honorees include Mae Lauzze, Margaret Mersereau, Art !VanTyne, Keith Sale, MD; Daniel Tartaglia, MD; Joan Hand, Sylvia Masin, Kathryn Gilbert, Dr. Ken !VanDine and Dr. F.C. Miller.
According to Mrs. Benedict, the Garden Reception is an opportunity to honor one person and to thank the invited guests for continuing to support the hospital. "Our donors are very important to us," she said. "They continue a tradition of giving that was started over 80 years ago by our founders, Gertrude and William Jones." Mr. & Mrs. Jones left their home and property to the Village of Wellsville for the purpose of starting a community hospital. "The people we honor at this gathering � both the Associate of the Year and the donors - understand how important this hospital is to the health of the community," Mrs. Benedict said. "They also understand the part they must play in the future of Jones Memorial and the Garden Reception is our chance to say thank you."
The JMH Associates Garden Reception is for everyone who has donated $250 or more to the Hospital each year. "I would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to participate this year and join us in honoring Dr. Coch," Mrs. Benedict added.
For more information about the 1921 Associates or any of the other giving opportunities available at Jones Memorial Hospital, please contact Community Relations Director Judy Burt, at 585-596-4050 or by email.

JMH Expands Occupational Medicine

WELLSVILLE, NY (June 12, 2008) � Reducing employee injuries is the primary objective behind the Occupational Medicine program at Jones Memorial Hospital. Certified by !ErgoScience, the program provides job demands analysis (JDA), post-offer employment testing (POET), and functional capacity evaluations (FCE) for business and industry. !ErogScience specializes in training Occupational Medicine professionals to provide these services.
"This is a high tech method of testing an employee's ability to do the physical demands of the job," explained Brenda Szabo, DPT, Administrative Director of Diagnostics and Rehabilitation Services at JMH. Through extensive training with the company !Ergoscience, five therapists in the rehabilitation department have been certified to perform post offer employment testing, as well as functional capacity evaluations. Two therapists have obtained additional training in order to complete job function analyses.
"This program will allow us to help employers better match potential employees to the jobs that they are hoping to obtain, while potentially reducing workplace injuries", explained Dr. Szabo, DPT. The first local business to take advantage of this program is Dresser-Rand.
According to Dr. Szabo, the first step is to perform the job demands analysis at the work site. "The JDA looks at what sort of positions and activities the employee is required to perform for that job, and also the demands the job such as lifting or pushing," she explained. "From that a post-offer employment test is developed and administered to the potential employee to see if that person is physically a good match to the job they are hoping to obtain." The results of the test are sent to the employer and the employer makes the decision based on the results whether they can proceed with hiring.
"We are excited about this new partnership because we feel it offers us as a company many benefits. Not only does it have the potential to reduce employee injuries, but it also makes our workplace a safer place for our existing employees," said Ron Knight, Health, Safety and Environment Manager at Dresser-Rand. "Jones Memorial has already performed several of the job demands analyses and post-offer employment tests, and we have been pleased with the outcomes."
For more information about the Occupational Medicine program at Jones Memorial, email Brenda Szabo, DPT or call her at 585-596-4010.

ASC Students Give Up A Meal for JMH Pediatric Patients

WELLSVILLE, NY (April 28, 2008) � Each semester, students at Alfred State College are invited to Give Up A Meal for a good cause. This year, the pediatric patients at Jones Memorial Hospital benefited when ASC students raised $1,186 by giving their meal cards an extra swipe.
When Alfred State College Radio Station Advisor Rick Herritt, brought the lack of entertainment options in the JMH pediatric unit to their attention, WETD General Manager Andre Jacobs and WETD Webmaster Yash Manraj designated the hospital as the recipient of this semester's GUAM (Give Up A Meal). Twice a year, members of the Student Senate station themselves at various eateries on campus and encourage their fellow students to give their meal cards an extra swipe.
"A huge thanks goes out to every student who donated, as well as to both Student Senate and ACES for providing the mechanism of recording and then making the donations," said organization advisor, Mark Amman. "Thank you so much to everyone who helped!"
According to Betty Guinnip, Nurse Manager of Pediatrics at Jones, the money will be used for items including crib carousels and baby swings for infants, Laugh and Learn Stride and Ride Walkers for toddlers and Etch-a Sketches and coloring books for children. In addition, a DVD/VHS player/TV with an assortment of disks and tapes, a PlayStation 2 and Beanie Babies and dolls will provide comfort in the hospital and when they head home.
"This was exceptionally generous of the students," Mrs. Guinnip said. "The items were put into use immediately and the children are enjoying them immensely. Thank you, to all of the students at Alfred State for your generous donation!" PHOTO CAPTION: Alfred State College Student Andre Jacobs, presented the proceeds of the spring semester Give Up a Meal fundraiser to Eva Benedict, left, CEO at Jones Memorial, and Betty Guinnip, the nurse manager of pediatrics.

JMH Kicks Off Hospitalist Program

WELLSVILLE, NY (April 8, 2008) � What does the Hospitalist Program at Jones Memorial Hospital mean to you? If you are admitted to the hospital, it means that your primary care provider (PCP) will transfer your care to a hospitalist. Most, but not all, of the PCPs on the JMH Medical Staff are participating in the Hospitalist program.
While you are an inpatient, the hospitalist will be your physician of record, providing and directing your care until you are released. At that point, the hospitalist will return your care to your primary care provider.
"We have found, over the past few years, that many younger doctors will not consider working in a practice that includes hospital work," explained Eva Benedict, CEO at JMH. "It is nearly impossible to find physicians today who will agree to be on call to a hospital at all hours of the day and night." By instituting the hospitalist program, recruitment efforts have been enhanced. The hospital has contracted with Delphi Emergency Physicians to provide the physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants included in the hospitalist staff.
After 35 years of working day and night, Dr. William Coch is one of the physicians participating in the hospitalist program. As such, he has given up his daily hospital rounds. "Hospital care has become faster paced and more complicated," he said. "It is increasingly difficult to manage a patient�s hospital care when most of my time is spent in the office, where patient visits can be interrupted by an urgent call from the hospital." The hospitalist staff will include doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who will be at the hospital for 10 � 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will also be readily available for inpatient emergencies during off hours. "This more intense staffing should make for more efficient and better inpatient hospital care," Mrs.Benedict said. "By next year, we should have the electronic medical record installed in most of our physician offices, so all of a patient's medical records will be immediately available to the hospitalist doctors at all times, including an up-to-date list of medicines." PHOTO CAPTION: Hospitalist Services at Jones Memorial Hospital are provided by Delphi Emergency Physicians, including Dr. S. Ahmed, Dr. Frank Edwards and Physician Assistant John Waide.

Senator Charles Schumer Visits JMH

WELLSVILLE, NY (March 28, 2008) -- Senator Charles Schumer stopped by Jones Memorial Hospital to host a press conference about a five point package he has presented to Congress that would mean a change to the Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement method for diabetes care.
According to Sen. Schumer, his plan would place a greater emphasis on preventative care. He cited the spiraling number of new diabetes cases and the lifestyle changes that may be contributing factors. It was the Senators first visit to Jones Memorial and included an invitation to return for a tour of the facility.
The speakers for the day were as varied as the people who can develop diabetes.
Now a 23-year-old nursing student, John !LaForge was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 15. He learned to manage his condition at Jones Memorial Hospital. Rick and Trisha Herritt, whose five-year-old daughter Carolyn has diabetes, talked about the difficulties of getting Carolyn the care she needs when the pediatric endocrinologist is two hours away. Having specialized care closer to home would ensure that young patients like Carolyn continue to progress, according to Mr. Herritt. Pediatrician Dr. Zahi Kassas talked about juvenile diabetes and how important it is to learn healthy habits at an early age. Winding up the afternoon, Dr. William Coch noted that things have changed in his practice in the past 35years. Now, more than half his patients on any given day are diabetics. Senator Schumer also took a few minutes to congratulate the Wellsville Lions for initiating and their continued support of the Wellsville Lions Club Diabetes Center at Jones Memorial Hospital.

Schoolhouse Quilters Guild Gives Their Work to PCAP Moms

WELLSVILLE, NY (March 22, 2008) -- The Schoolhouse Quilters Guild (SQG) recently donated 20 quilts, handmade by members, to the Prenatal Care Assistance Program (PCAP) at Jones Memorial Hospital.
PCAP is a program for pregnant women who are uninsured or underinsured. In addition to those donated by the SQG, quilts have been donated to PCAP by Deb Barry, Barb Savins, Sarah Robarts, Linda Barnes and Jude Ryczek. "The homemade quilts are a wonderful gift and are appreciated by everyone who receives one," said Nancy Saupe, PCAP Coordinator at Jones Memorial. "I give them to the moms when they come in for their first postpartum visit." The quilting was donated by Sue Johnson, who owns Quilted Treasures.
Over 12 years ago, a group of local quilters founded the Schoolhouse Quilters Guild. The group meets on the second Monday of each month in the Fellowship Room at the Shepherd of the Valley on Fassett Lane in Wellsville. You don�t have to be a quilter to join, just someone who appreciates the "needle arts".
The group has made quilts for Allegany County organizations including the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, the Monday Club, Accord, for local veterans, the Balloon Rally, and Jones Memorial Hospital�s maternity unit. The group has also a friendship quilt for an Allegany County quilter who lost it all in a tornado, as well as contributing tops for the families of soldiers killed in Iraq, to the Quilt for the Cure initiative, and for Hurricane Katrina victims. The latest project is the Wellsville Sesquicentennial Quilt. In addition to a year-long block-of-the-month teaching exercise, members of the SQG have learned to dye fabric, gone on �shop hops� to regional quilt shops, made mystery blocks, Christmas ornaments, learned appliqu� and embellishment, and have undertaken two row-robin challenges, among other things. "We are lucky to have many talented members who have been wiling to share their knowledge with the rest of us," said member Carolyn J. Miller. "We also occasionally bring in guest speakers and teachers from other areas."
Membership in the guild is open to anyone interested in the art of quilting, whether they quilt or not. Dues are currently $10 per year, payable each September. Everyone interested in quilting and associated needle arts - from novice to expert � is welcome to join the guild. For more information, contact ail Sue Johnson by phone at (585) 593-3264 or email.
PHOTO CAPTION: The Members of the School House Quilters Guild recently donated 20 quilts to the PCAP/MOMs Program at Jones Memorial Hospital. Proudly displaying their creations are front, left, Maggie Masker, Avon Crist, Kate Truax, Carolyn Miller, Marjorie Finn, Lyn Vorhees, Martha !McGee, Barbara Savins, and PCAP Coordinator Nancy Saupe. Back row, from left, Bertha Muench, Ginny !LaForge, Geralyn Gough, Nancy Johnson, Char Kephart, Carol Stewart, Margie Bedelyon, Sue Johnson and Betsy Orlando. Participating in the quilt project, but missing from the photo are Debby Barry, Donna Brown, Dorothea Harris, Karrie Landon and Ollie Mayo.

Posture for Golf Event March 27

WELLSVILLE, NY (March 20, 2008) -- Is there any group that spends as much in an effort to improve their game than golfers do? Between the lessons, the clubs, the greens fees, and the membership dues, it can add up to quite an investment. But - like the song says - it won�t mean a thing, if you don�t have the swing.
Jones Memorial Hospital is holding a Posture for Golf event in the Rehab Department at 7 pm on Thursday, March 27. If you would like to have your golf swing assessed by a physical therapist, grab you clubs and stop by the Rehab gym. No pre-registration is necessary.
"The one area that many golfers do not invest in, is fitness," said Justin Moyer, a physical therapist on the staff at Jones Memorial Hospital. "Ask any golfer who has suffered from low back pain, hip stiffness, or fatigue: Golf is a physically demanding sport."
This golf swing posture assessment is a reminder that fitness is an important part of injury prevention. "A golf swing requires stability in some joints and flexibility in others," he added. "The correct posture can prevent injuries and improve your game."
During the golf posture event, physical therapists will assess each participant�s posture during their golf swing and be given a Fit for the Fairway sheet with postural recommendations. "Tips for correct posture in other areas of the golf game � like when carrying clubs � will also be available," Mr. Moyer said. JMH Rehab also offers individual assessments and golf fitness programs designed to meet individual needs. For more information, contact the Rehab Department at (585) 596-4011.

Allegany Eye Foundation Delivers $50,000 for Surgical Equipment

WELLSVILLE, NY (March 12, 2008) -- For more than 20 years, the Allegany Eye Foundation (AEF) has been quietly raising money to buy eye equipment to be used at Jones Memorial Hospital. A county-wide organization, the AEF most recently donated $50,000 to the hospital for the purchase of equipment to be used to outfit a second cataract surgery Operating Room at the hospital. According to Allegany Eye Foundation member Timothy Embser, left, the group has raised more than $200,000 since it was founded by Ophthalmologist Kenneth VanDine over 20 years ago. Mr. Embser stopped by the hospital recently to take a look at the new equipment and to present a check to Jones CEO Eva Benedict, right. Dr. Kurt Benham, center, explained the benefits of the new equipment. For more information about the Allegany Eye Foundation, contact Mr. Embser at (585) 593-1090.

MOMS Club Gives to JMH ER Renovation Fund

WELLSVILLE, NY (March 1, 2008) -- The Wellsville MOMS Club (Moms Offering Moms Support) recently donated the proceeds of its Chocolate Buffet to two community organizations with which many mothers are very familiar: Jones Memorial Hospital's Emergency Department and the David A. Howe Public Library.
"The Chocolate Buffet was a great success thanks to the fantastic members of our community who came and who contributed," MOMS Club Secretary Kristy Evans said, right in photo. "We have to give a special thanks to L�Italia and the Beef Haus for donating desserts; Dr. Zahi Kassas� office, Mystique Salon, Tammy Kokot and Tami�s Floral Expressions for donating raffle items; and to Argentieri Brothers for donating the table linens."
Held on Tuesday, February 5 at the Library, the Chocolate Buffet featured a wide variety of sweet treats. "We also have to thank the MOMS members who made many of the delicious chocolate desserts we had available," added Megan Gregor, right, Vice President of Membership for the Wellsville MOMS. "Variety is key to a buffet and thanks to our talented members, there were many different kinds of chocolate confections."
In addition to helping with the renovations to the JMH Emergency Department, the group made a gift to the David A. Howe Library�s Terrace & Auditorium Restoration fund. "We are very pleased to have raised $850," Mrs. Evans noted. "This is the first time we have had this event and we are already planning improvements for next year."
Eva Benedict, the CEO at Jones, was one of those who attended the chocolate event. "This was one of the most delicious fundraisers I have ever been to," she said. "On behalf of all of us at Jones Memorial, thank you for making us one of the beneficiaries of such a wonderful � and fun � event."
The MOMS Club is a support group for mothers who are home with their children during the day. Mothers and their children are welcome at MOMS Club activities, which include monthly meetings, playgroups, childrens� crafts, and a Mom�s Night Out. "In addition to supporting mothers, we are dedicated to helping our local community through service projects that benefit women and children," explained Mrs. Gregor. If you are interested in hearing more about the group, call (585) 593-5372.

Edward !McDonald, MD, Joins JMH Medical Practices

WELLSVILLE, NY (January 15, 2008) -- Dr. Edward N. !McDonald, an Internal Medicine physician with nearly 30 years in private practice, will be joining the Jones Memorial Medical Practices on Monday January 21. He will be seeing patients at the Belvidere office in Belmont.
Relocating to the area from Rochester, Dr. !McDonald was most recently a part of the University Cardiovascular Associates in Rochester. Dr. !McDonald is board-certified in Internal Medicine.
"We are very excited that Dr. !McDonald has chosen to relocate his practice to Allegany County," said Julie Hart, Vice President of Marketing at JMH.
Dr. !McDonald will see patients age 15 and over. Appointments can be made now by calling the Belvidere office at 585-268-5700.
Dr. !McDonald and his wife, Mary Haverfield, have two grown daughters. The are looking forward to relocating to the Wellsville area. Please join us in welcoming Dr. !McDonald to Wellsville!

Balance Clinic at JMH

WELLSVILLE, NY (January 15, 2008) � For many people over age 40, dizziness or balance problems become an issue at some point in their lives. It may be caused by an imbalance in the peripheral vestibular system (the inner ear).
Fortunately, this problem can be addressed through a targeted physical therapy program and - even better � Jones Memorial Hospital has expanded the Rehabilitation Services to include the JMH Balance Clinic.
Physical Therapist Megan O�Brien, PT, MSPT has completed specialized training on vestibular examinations and treatments. As the lead therapist in the JMH Balance Clinic, she will design an individualized vestibular exercise program designed to help those affected compensate for the imbalance in the inner ear. "Normal balance is a combination of sensory systems: visual, vestibular - found in the inner ear - and muscle strength and sensations from the skin, muscles, tendons and joints," Mrs. !O�Brien explained. "When these systems are not functioning well, individuals may experience episodes of spinning, light-headedness, trouble focusing their eyes and/or poor balance or falls, or vertigo."
The program may include balance activities and/or vestibular based exercises of eye or head movements. The balance activities help people maximize the use of the remaining vestibular function, their sight, and the sensation in their feet to keep their balance. Because each patient's symptoms and needs are different, it is very important to design a program to meet individual needs. For more information or to make an appointment with the JMH Balance Clinic, call the Rehab Department at 585 596 4011.

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